There is an owlet for sure!

Bonnie couldn’t keep her secret this evening. Twice sharp-eyed observers got a glimpse of the little white bobble head – just barely but enough to confirm that yes, an owlet did hatch on 7 March on the Bald Eagle Cam near Newton, Kansas stole by a pair of desperate GHOWs. Bonnie has also been feeding herself and the owlet. What we do not know is if there are any other eggs to hatch or if there will be only one little fluffy GHOW. One is great. No need for anymore. Congratulations Bonnie and Clyde!

Squint. Get your magnifying glass. Look straight down from Bonnie’s beak and you will see a tiny little piece of cotton —- the owlet. And I do mean tiny. The nest is in the way and the egg cup is deep but Bonnie cannot hide her pride and joy.

The little fluffy head can barely be seen. 8 March 2021. @Derek the Farmer

Bonnie is raising her head up and down feeding the owlet and having a few bites herself. It is much more interesting on the streaming cam because you can just get little snippet glimpses of the white down of the baby. This little one will grow fast and surely we will see more!

Bonnie is raising her head up and down tearing meat feeding herself and the owlet. 8 March 2021. @ Derek the Farmer

There will certainly be more activity in the coming days. You might want to check in on the streaming cams. There are two of them. One has sound, the other doesn’t but that is the one that provides the close up images. The most activity between Bonnie and Clyde has, up to now, occurred right around dusk and right before dawn with some mouse deliveries in between. This pace might need to be stepped up now that there is at least one more mouth to feed! It is going to be fun.

The link to the cameras is here:

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