Oh, tears. Tiny Tot gets the fish from mom and self-feeds like a pro!

How can you even describe the words, ‘over joyed beyond belief’?

Oh, the tears are flowing down my cheeks today. If Diane has not noticed how well Tiny Tot is doing, she has today.

Remember Tiny Tot was the first to self-feed. He kept himself alive eating on scraps found in the nest some days. Well, today he had a good feed on the first two fish. And he had a crop. You can see it in his profile here just after 9am.

Then when a fish landed right at the feet of one of the older sibs (I think it was 2) at 3:51:17, Tiny Tot was brave and tried to steal that fish! Yes, you did read that correctly. The thing about Tiny Tot is that he is a survivor. Tiny Tot is always watching. He knows his environment and he knows what is happening.

In the image below, Tiny is on the far left. In the centre are 2, the mother, and 1. The fish that Jack delivered landed right at the talons of 2. You might not think Tiny knows what is going on but he does.

In a second, Tiny Tot decides he is going to try and steal that fish!

There he goes at 3:52:16.

2 is like, ‘What do you think you are trying to do little buddy?’

Tiny might have gotten a bite or two before 2 decided he was holding on to the fish but it demonstrates how observant, quick, determined, and brave Tiny Tot is. Who said that Tiny Tot could not survive when the older sibs start self-feeding?

At 4:59:01 Jack delivered another piece of fish. Now look where our brave little one is – right there by Diane when that fish is dropped. The two older sibs seem more concerned with one another or the traffic.

Oh, there is a lot of wing flapping going on. Where is Tiny Tot? and where is that piece of fish? OK. Diane has it and she is moving it over in her right talon to the side of the nest where she usually feeds the chicks.

Can you see where Tiny Tot’s beak is? And did Diane put that piece of fish in her right talon on purpose?

At 4:59:22 Tiny Tot steals that piece of fish from mom!

He mantles his prey to the back rim of the nest where Tiny Tot self-feeds like the pro that he is!!!!!!!!

Diane watches her boy self-feed. She knows precisely how well the three of them are doing.

Well done, Tiny Tot! If Diane had gold stars to hand out today you would definitely have about 3 or 4 of them. And despite all the claptrap about your being stunted and won’t survive, it sure looks like you are going really well.

My goodness. I think the last image says it all. Since 12 March, Tiny Tot has had to fight for the food that he gets. I expect Diane will tell Jack how well Tiny Tot did today.

Thank you for being on this ‘Tiny Tot’ journey with me. It reminds me of the cheering squad for WBSE 26 or Daisy the Duck. It sure feels good tonight. If Jack and Diane continue to deliver small chunks of fish throughout the day -instead of Diane feeding – and if those pieces come regularly – well, who knows what might happen!

Thank you to the Achieva Credit Union in St Petersburg Florida for their streaming cam. That is where these screen shots were taken.

UPDATE: The second egg has been laid by Landa at the Urdaibai Osprey Nest in Northern Spain.

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