When you just think it can’t get any better, it does in Bird World!

Two miracles so far today.

Saturday morning started out like any other on the Achieva Osprey Nest. Jack brought in a fish and sibling #2 got it. It was predictable. As I sipped my coffee it seemed that Diane and Jack really needed a meat saw somewhere to cut those fish into chunks so each of their three chicks could have a nice chunk for breakfast.

There they are: #2 with the fish on the front left, #1 behind mum, Diane in the middle, and Tiny Tot smiling out at us with his sort of ‘beard’ on the right front.

#2 sibling loves for Mum to feed it and for some reason she didn’t get the message that you should stand on that fish and mantle if you don’t want to lose it.

Tiny, looking all innocent, decides he will just edge a little closer to that fish.

Gosh. I would have loved to be inside Tiny Tot’s head for the split second it took him to steal that fish from the big sibling that has caused him so much grief in his short life.

He must have been so excited as he worked to mantle and pull that fish over to the side.

Could sibling #2, the biggest on the nest, really believe that Tiny Tot had taken her fish?!

#2 must be thinking, ‘What just happened?’ Clearly, Tiny Tot is not nearly as intimidated by #2 in the last few days as he was earlier.

Maybe Diane told #2 that she would never be able to fly if she kept on eating so much! I honestly don’t know what happened but #2 didn’t beat, bonk, battle. Maybe it was still full from the night before.

The two older sibs are 52 days old by my counting. Fledge watch begins at 60 days. And remember, fledging is just the first flight. It doesn’t mean they are gone forever. They have to perfect their flying skills and fishing. You can expect to see Diane and Jack supplementing their fishing, too.

Wow. You can’t get much cuter than those fluffy little marshmallows over at the UC Berkeley Falcon Cam. That fourth egg is sitting there. Maybe it will be a threesome for Annie and Grinnell. They are so cute and growing so fast. There is a third one, tucked between the two.

The cam at the Big Sur California Condor nest is solar powered and it is currently down. We have no idea what is happening with that egg of Redwood Queen’s and Phoenix. Will report back later.

It is hot in Wales and Mrs G has been doing some food calling from the Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn Wildlife Nest. Aran came in but there have been intruders about. Hopefully he will get her a nice fish before the sun sets. She must be awfully hot on that nest.

Arthur is on incubation duties on the Red Tail Hawk cam so that his mate, Big Red can have a break. It’s a sunny 18 degrees in Ithaca, New York today. It is a nice change from the snowy-hail these two had the other day.

Toni Castelli-Rosen has kept a laying and hatch chart for Big Red. It was posted on the Cornell Hawk Red-Tail FB Page today. I don’t think they will mind if I share it with you.

Looks like it won’t be long til we are on pip watch! Can’t wait. These two are the most amazing parents and in the entire world there are only a couple of RTH cams. We are so privileged to get to watch their lives unfold.

And before I close, another miracle. Milda, Raimis, and step-dad Mr Cips, have two! That second egg has hatched. I was told the time was 20:30:34 on the 23 April. Oh, aren’t they adorable! I hope the older sib is kind to the little one.

All of us are tired of the pandemic. I don’t even like to say that word anymore. The birds have brought us such joy. It was nice to begin the day with the Tiny Tot miracle and end it here in Latvia with the second hatch for Milda. She believed in those eggs – enough to not eat for eight days. I am so grateful for Mr Cips who has brought in food and even fed the little eaglets. Milda has a new mate that will support her. Tears.

Thank you for joining me. It is a cool but sunny Saturday on the Canadian prairies. Take care everyone.

Thank you to the Achieva Credit Union, Cornell Bird Labs and the RTH cam, Latvian Fund for Nature, Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn Wildlife, UC Berkeley Falcon Cam for their streaming cams. That is where I picked up my screen shots.


  1. txcindo@aol.com says:

    Don’t typically worry, but have Bonnie & Clyde fed Tiger and Lily that last 2 days?

    1. I know that Bonnie brought in a squirrel on the evening of the 26 April, last night. I have not seen any deliveries today so far. — I worry, too. The parents might be wanting to see if the little ones will begin hunting themselves, too.

      1. Cindy Hunter says:

        Thank you so much for your reply! I watch several nests but just found this one! They seem pretty young to start flying in the high winds to search for food & get back to the nest. Bonnie & Clyde need to step up the feedings!! 🙂

      2. Thank you again and I am so glad that you are enjoying the GHOWs. I wish you could have been there from the beginning. It was so exciting to see Tiger and Lily for the first time. You are so right. Bonnie and Clyde should be stepping up those feedings. Tiger and Lily need much more than a mouse and a squirrel. The parents should be feeding them through the early part of the summer when they have perfected their flying and hunting skills. Cindy, I always worry when food is plentiful and then it isn’t. Has something happened? Fingers crossed more will come in tonight for them.

      3. Cindy says:

        I watched the GHO, GGO, LEO live cams on Explore.org last year. Their cameras have been down for most of this season which prompted me to look for another live cam when I found Tiger & Lily! One of them is screeching for food right now. I am not accustomed to the parents not being close by & feeding regularly. Wish this area had a rehabilitation center like CROW in Sanibel Island, FL…it is truly amazing! So happy you have your eyes on these little ones, & thank you!!

      4. CROW is fantastic. I am also very fond of the work up in Connecticut that A Place for Hope does. They never give up. You probably know that this nest originally belonged to a young pair of Bald Eagles. They were attracted to the farm because the family had to install a pond in order to have cattle. I believe that the son (Derek who has the bird cam) said they stocked it with fish for the Eagles. Those would not help the owls so much. Clyde was amazing in finding mice and snakes at the beginning, some rabbits, etc. to the nest. The owlets grew so fast. If there are small items – like mice – Bonnie and Clyde might deliver them to either Tiger or Lily on a branch. I have seen a few deliveries during the day but most of the action occurs during the evening. It is only recently that the parents are not above the nest if the eaglets were there. It seems that their presence and the amount of it has changed once Tiger and Lily branched. Fingers crossed for a food delivery!

      5. Cindy says:

        I will look at A Place for Hope. Very special to have facilities to care for unfortunate wildlife and we all wish there were more! I have only seen one parent at the nest and it seemed so small compared to the one in Charlo, MT. Might be camera view. Tiger & Lily seem to like each other & snuggle in the nest…so cute! Hope food comes in tonight as they need the energy to fly! Really appreciate your time!

      6. You are more than welcome. I always enjoy talking with someone who loves wildlife. I knew about but was overly impressed with A Place Called Hope. A Bald Eagle was found who had injured its beak and had broken its leg in the fall of 2020. They could not catch it. Then it was down in a ditch and taken to APCH. Its lead levels were 48 – out of this world. They fed the old fella and he still wanted to live the next day so they began Clemation therapy – using an IV to remove the lead from its system. Their words were something to the effect if he has the will to live we want to help him. His lead levels are now 10 and they have applied to keep him – a permit has to come from the USFWS – as an ambassador. The injury to his beak makes his breathing difficult. They could have simply euthanized him but they went the distance. He is called the Warrior. Just a heartwarming story of great care.

      7. Cindy says:

        My friends call me either “Mother Nature,” or “Wild Kingdom.” I love wildlife and animals in general. I have watched Southwest Florida Eagle Cam for a several years & this year the 2 eaglets had eye infections when they were about 1 week old. CROW rescued them, treated the infection & those 2 are enjoying their fledge & coming back to the nest. Now Lily and Tiger need to do the same! Once fed, lol. Wonderful story about Warrior. We need more stories like these in the world!

  2. Cindy says:

    I meant to comment on Warrior….that is a very special story….he/she deserves to enjoy life, just a different way than what was planned.

    1. Yes, it is one of those stories that makes you have hope. A rabbit was delivered to the GHOW nest at 5:33 this morning. Tiger and Lily will be eating well.

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