And off…#1 hatch at Achieva Osprey fledges

The big news this morning is the first hatch of the Achieva Credit Union Ospreys fledges at 7:38:24 on 28 April EDT. It was a beautiful flight. By my way of counting, this beautiful sleek bird was 55 days old. Congratulations #1 – and Diane and Jack!

Warming Up.

And s/he’s off. Ironically, Diane and Tiny Tot were preening and #2 was looking elsewhere. I wonder when they noticed there are only two in the nest now?

And s/hes off! Beautiful take off.

Traditionally the fledglings come back to have some meals. If you watched the Port Lincoln Osprey Nest in Australia you might remember this. #1 will need to hone her flying and fishing skills. Will keep an eye out and report back if she returns to the nest.

Have a great day everyone. It is going to get busy. Looks like hatch watch for some of the other Osprey, Big Sur Condor Nest, and Big Red and Arthur at Ithaca.

Thanks to Achieva Credit Union for their streaming cam – that is where I get my screen shots.

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