Monty’s last hatch ever – of 2019 – returns to Wales as a juvenile

The ‘general’ understanding by Osprey researchers is that males return to the site of their own hatching to raise their families and the females relocate to the territory of the male. This has, of course, caused lots of problems if there are more males born in a certain region than females. But, today, that didn’t matter. The juveniles are returning from Africa! And there is no happier place than Wales where one fledgling from every clutch at the Dyfi nest has now returned – with the arrival of Hesgyn today.

Hesgyn was the last chick of the much loved Monty – Hesgyn hatched in 2019. He arrived two weeks short of his second birthday. He is in amazing condition – great DNA. That is his mother, Telyn, on the Dyfi Nest right now! Did she look up and recognize Hesgyn? Laura Culley would say, “And why wouldn’t she?”

Tears were flowing in Wales today.

Let us hope that Hesgyn and all his siblings find wonderful mates to bond with and then return next year to start their own families (if they are lucky enough to find the one!).

I want to recommend a book to you. It has completely absorbed me. The book is Belle’s Journey.

This is the true story of Belle, an Osprey that hatched on Martha’s Vineyard. Dr B fitted her with a satellite transmitter (he has fitted lots of ospreys with these). It is a story about migration and the challenges for the Osprey and the joy at looking at a computer screen and knowing they are alive! The book says it is for children – I think 11 year olds and upwards but what a joy for me, too. The illustrations are lovely and it is a page turner but, if you read a chapter a night, perfect as a bed time story. You could even get out a map and learn about the sites where Belle travelled – where she stopped and rested catching the fish to give her the energy to move onwards.

Hatch watch is on for several nests including Loch of the Lowes, Foulshaw Moss, and Glaslyn. In a couple of days, we will be checking on Telyn!

Thank you for joining me. Every one of the other nests that I check on regularly appears to be just fine this evening. The only one where there could be a change is the Achieva Credit Union Osprey Nest in St Petersburg. Sibling #2 left today and had not returned this evening. We must enjoy Tiny Tot while we can – there is no promise that she won’t fledge and be up and gone. Of course, the best scenario is for Tiny to hang around the nest for several weeks strengthening his flying skills.

Tiny did a great job feeding herself. Diane is looking to see if she will share and guess what? Tiny does!

From left to right, Jack, Tiny, and Diane. Just look at how ‘big’ Tiny’s wings are!!!!! She is filling in – . I will try and find a frontal view, a good one. Tiny has a beautiful necklace – one of those signs of a female, normally.

Take care all!

Thanks to the Achieva Credit Union for their streaming cam where I grabbed my screen shots of Tiny and Diane and the family threesome.

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