Is tragedy coming to the Glaslyn Osprey Nest?

It was after 18:00 and there were 308 persons staring at the streaming cam images coming from the Glaslyn Osprey Nest in Wales. It is the nest of Mrs G, the oldest UK Osprey, and her partner, Aran. Why was everyone staring? The weather in Wales has been dire for the past two days. Force 11 winds tore through the region along with what many called a perfect ‘Welsh rain’ – meaning that it was hard and heavy. The first casualty was the second hatch at the Dyfi Nest of Telyn and Idris. The wee one perished from suffocation, purely accidental, about eight hours after being born. Indeed, the rain was coming down so hard that these Osprey females in Wales had to really hunker down on those nests. Even then there were hardly any breaks to feed the babies if they had fish on the nest.

Tragedy may, however, be looming at the Glaslyn nest of Mrs G and Aran. The last feeding was at noon on 21 May nest time. The third chick hatched after. The seas were too rough and stirred up but today the rains stop and even the sun came out. Everyone believed that if anyone could catch a fish it could be Aran. Mrs G was calling out and calling out. The nest was also having trouble with Covids, the crows. Aran has not brought a fish to the nest and people were beginning to wonder if something dire had happened to him. It is simply unlike Aran. He is known for being a great provider. Indeed, loyal fans realize that if Aran can’t catch a fish none of the other males could either. Clearly something is not right. Even the streaming cam has been disabled as concern grows for the welfare of the twenty-one year old Mrs G and her three chicks.

So far the only known casualty of the storms has been the second hatch of Telyn at the Dyfi Nest. All we can do is hope that a miracle happens on the Glaslyn Nest. The image below are the three little ones of Mrs G and Aran who are waiting for a fish delivery.

The third hatch was at 8:05 am 22 May 2021 (nest time).

I will bring you any updates as they are available. Send all your most positive energy towards this nest – it sure worked for Tiny Tot. Maybe it can work for those three wee ones above. Thank you!

Thank you to the Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn Wildlife streaming cam where I took the image of the three 2021 hatches of Mrs G and Aran.

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