Tiny Tot Fledges!!!!

At 9:54:24 Tiny Tot held his wings up high and at 9:54:25 he had lift off! It was magnificent. There was no stumbling about to find the right form – our darling 3 took off like a pro.

A few minutes earlier, Tiny got new height to his hovering. He had a good breakfast and a nice crop. Diane is at his side for this momentous occasion.

Tiny’s wings have really grown. Not sure Diane likes being punched in the eye!

Wings up. Tiny Tot bobs his head and focus on his landing point.

He waits for the wind and we have lift off.

And he’s off.

Congratulations to Diane and Jack on a very successful 2021 season. They fledged three Ospreys!

It has been a season of ups and downs. At the end of March no one thought that we would see Tiny Tot survive never mind fledge. The clever and tenacious number 3 did it. Out of the three chicks raised on this nest this year, he is the one best equipped to survive in the wild. He showed us that since the 12th of March when he was a week old.

Fly high Tiny Tot. Find Fish. Survive and thrive little one. You were much loved by so many.

My only regret is that there is not a tracker on Tiny Tot to see where he goes and how he manages that big world out there.

Thanks to the Achieva Credit Union for their streaming cam where I grabbed my screen shots.

UPDATE ON WELSH OSPREY NEST. The streaming cam remains off at the Glaslyn Nest in Wales. The raven attack on the nest yesterday was of such a ferocity that Mrs G had to fight them off and leave the two chicks (at that time) alone on the nest. There was concern over her mate Aran because of the lack of fish on the nest. Aran returned to the nest this morning without fish. The three little ones were still alive. The weather has once again turned bad. Thoughts go out to the oldest Osprey in Wales, Mrs G and her family.

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