Sea Hawks, a PS, and a wall mural to a Bird you say

The headline read, “White-tailed eagles have appeared at Loch Lomond for the first time in more than 100 years.” Can you just imagine the excitement. After human persecution in the early twentieth century, the big raptors disappeared from Scotland. They were reintroduced in the 1970s and again in the 1990s through the 2000s. Deemed a success there are actually more than 150 breeding pairs in the country. The excitement seems to be that this is the first time a pair has been so close to a loch. You can just imagine the rejoicing with todays announcement of a sighting at Loch Lomond.

Scottish wildlife and conservation authorities have put in boundaries so that humans do not scare the birds away. They honestly can’t believe it – sea eagles within 30 miles of Glasgow! Let us all hope they stay! You can watch the announcement here:

Ah, and the joke is on me and a mystery is solved. All this time I thought it was condensation on the Rutland Manton Bay Osprey cam but, that wasn’t the culprit. Oh, no. One of those Bobs of Maya and Blue 33 is practising his aim. Looks like it was a bullseye hit today!

Thank you to the LRWT for their streaming cam where I grabbed these screen shots. You can watch the antics of this family here – I hope that our Little Mister Sure Shot aims a different direction next time!

When Ezra, the mate of Big Read died, the Cornell University community and the lovers of Ezra, created a flower garden on a hill where he liked to hunt in remembrance. I thought that was a pretty terrific way to honour a very special hawk.

Today, a wall mural was revealed honouring Monty at the Dyfi Wildlife Centre. Monty is loved by more than just the people of Wales. As a translocated bird from Rutland, Monty is responsible for many of the birds now breeding in Wales. His last mate was Telyn and Monty could not have been a better mentor for this young female who wasn’t sure what to do with chicks. Equally impressive were his fishing skills including getting a fish in for Telyn and the chicks during the horrific storm named Hector that hit the country in 2018.

The Welsh Government paid for the tribute. The artist was Maria Hayes. Included with the mural was Monty’s real perch set in the beautiful Cors Dyfi Landscape. I really hope to get to Wales to see this in person one day!

Thank you to the Dyfi FB page for posting this lovely mural. That is where I grabbed this shot for my blog.

The Cowlitz PUD kids are really waiting for a fish today. The weather in the area has been changing and Wattsworth might be having trouble fishing. Sadly, Wattsworth is no Monty! These birds have such individual characteristics – I just wish that Wattsworth had some of the skills and keen interest of a Monty or a Blue 33.

There they are waiting for their late afternoon tea. They are really crying for food. These kids are hungry. Gosh I hope something comes in for them. Sometimes watching this nest just breaks my heart.

Thank you to the Cowlitz PUD for their streaming cam where I grabbed this shot of the two Bobs. You can watch them live here:

And there is another special someone waiting for some fish too – our little Tiny. He is rather anxious as the sun begins to set over St Petersburg. Oh, how I hope Jack flies in with a big one for our sweetheart.

Thank you to the Achieva Credit Union for their streaming cam where I grabbed this shot of Tiny. You can watch and worry about Tiny with the rest of us here:

And the last for Friday – Big Red, Arthur, and the Ks. Arthur flew in with a little vole today. K1 was in the right spot at the right time and she just mantled that little morsel of prey.

Here comes Arthur! Gosh his landing has to be perfect to fit between those metal bars and not get injured. You can see that little chocolate coloured morsel of a vole in his talons. And look who is watching him fly in – K1!

Arthur watches as K1 claims the vole with her talons and begins to mantle.

She is doing a great job. Wonder what kind of marks Dad gave her for that performance? Interestingly, neither K2 or K3 seemed one bit interest in that prey drop. Just wait til they all start fighting over the food and rushing to grab it!

Everyone watches as Arthur departs.

Big Red and Arthur have moved from that intense physical caring for the Ks to educating them to live in a world outside and away from the security of their natal nest. Arthur is constantly doing aerial demonstrations. Big Red has been showing them how to hunt and together, once they have fledged, both Big Red and Arthur will be out actively hunting with them. The adults will continue to do prey drops until such time as the Ks can catch enough prey of their own or until they leave the parental territory.

Thank you to the Cornell Bird Lab for their streaming cam where I grab my screen shots. You can watch the adorable Ks and and their parents, Big Red and Arthur, here:

Thank you for joining me tonight. It is always a pleasure to hear from you. Have a good weekend and send your warm wishes to the Cowlitz kids and to Tiny Tot so that they may get some fish.

The featured image is the wall mural to Monty in the Dyfi Wildlife Center. It i by Maria Hayes. Thank you to the Dyfi Osprey Project and their FB Page where I took the screen shot of the mural.

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