Two Osprey chicks die at Urdaibai Biosphere Park

The adults at the Urdaibai Biosphere are Landa and Roy, named after Roy Dennis who helped with the translocation of the Ospreys from Scotland to the region. This year started so well – three eggs and everyone so hopeful that the project would be well and underway. Sadly, that is not the case.

This nest was the one where the little Albino chick hatched and, sadly, died.

Yesterday, one of the older chicks died but the other was still alive.

Today the other chick has died. It is unclear what the cause is but I hope that they will conduct a post mortem.

If the chicks are small like the little albino, the mother will move the body about 100 m from the nest. These are older chicks and their corpses will have to moved off the nest by experienced staff. This is such a sad ending to what promised to be a wonderful celebration for this translocation project.

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