K1 fledges and K2 is rescued

This morning on the Red tail hawk nest on the Fernow Light Box in Ithaca, New York, the first hatch of 2021, K1, fledged. It was one of the best leaps of faith I have seen in a long time. That happened at 8:27:31.

No sooner than K1 had fledged than the team from the Cornell Bird Lab went up in a bucket truck to rescue K2. Indeed, the fledging of K1 was perfect as the staff had decided that K2’s health was not improving and they needed to take her into care.

Here is the official video of that rescue:

Watch the reaction of K3 at the end! This went so smoothly. No falthy fledge from K3. Thank you everyone!

K3 just teased everyone. We are told that Big Red and Arthur’s kids fledge before noon or after 4pm. They like their afternoon siesta and K3 was no exception. He taunted the camera operator into thinking he was going to go and then would lay down and have a rest!

There was a lot of scratching about on the ledge above and K3 was listening and watching everything.

Despite settling down rather comfortably in that egg cup – seriously K3 rubbed its breast just like Big Red does when she is incubating or brooding – K3 knew someone was about.

Guess who it was? K1. K1 flew back to the nest to join K3. Fabulous effort.

They had diamonds sparkling all around them. You can just imagine K1 telling K3 how much fun it is to fly and showing him the landing spot he is going to take in the morning.

One of the most fun things that the fledglings do is play soccer with the pinecones. It really helps them with strengthening their grip – who said you had to go to a gym!!! Talon strengthening for prey. Amazing.

Hopefully tomorrow K1 and K3 will be out having fun over on the Fernow Lawn across the street and flying to the top of Rice to get prey drops from Big Red and Arthur.

Thank you for popping in. I knew you would enjoy seeing K2 getting rescued. The poor little thing. She was just too sick to put up any fight. Let us all send warm wishes for a quick recovery.

Thank you to the Cornell Bird Lab for their streaming cam where I took my screen shots.


  1. Cindy Hunter says:

    Any updates on K2 after he/she was taken in for care? Wishing him/her the best! Thank you SO much for all you do to keep us informed…you are the BEST!!

    1. Hi Cindy, There were no updates earlier, but I will go in and check now. I have been out of pocket for a few hours. I expect that it will take several days for the test results to come back. 2 little eaglets went into care, and they were in rehab for five days, and the results did not come in till after. So, It takes longer than we want! I will post any updates on K2 as soon as I see them. So glad to see you love the birds!

      1. Cindy Hunter says:

        I became addicted to birds in the past few years….Soutthwest Florida….was so thrilled they took this years eaglets into care for their eyes! LOVE all the owls, and watch several on Explore.org as well as this years discovery of NatureChat. You are an incredible writer and I marvel at all of your knowledge and how in the world you have the time to search so many bird sights! Thank you so very much! The birds have replaced all the stupid “news” for me….much more interesting and calming.

  2. So happy to have you with us, Cindy. I want you to know that I had a rather loud laugh – yes, the birds have replaced the stupid news around here, too. We learn so much from them and also that they have families, have their own challenges, and as humans, we caused much of that. Let us both hope that people begin to take care of the environment the birds live in much better after they realize that. Harriet and M15 are amazing. I have the picture of E17 and E18 at CROW with E17 in the time-out towel. Gosh, they were so cute! Legacy just took my heart as did Tiny Tot. We all have our favourites. Thank you so much for writing, Cindy. Keep watching and caring!

    1. Cindy Hunter says:

      I too fell in love with Legacy. What a beautiful eaglet she is! I only found the website when she was MIA, and thankfully returned the day after I started to watch. That was a nail biter! I also love CROW and followed E17 and E18 during their 5 days there. They are amazing and the “towel turban” was perfect! Wish all the birds were banded so we could follow them. I am now falling in love with Ospreys.

  3. All of the birds are amazing. So glad you found Legacy and Harriet and M15. Both sets of parents are really dedicated to their babies. Some species test our understanding and leave us weeping. It has been a challenging year for many of the Osprey nests, as you know. My son was up in Urdaibai in Basque Country and confirmed for me that the cold, windy, wet, heavy rain would certainly have caused hypothermia in the big healthy chicks. You will shed some tears. While the UK nests are not quite mid-way to migration, I highly recommend the Loch of the Lowes (Laddie and NC0), Dyfi Osprey Project (Idris and Telyn), we well as Rutland Manton Bay (Blue 33 and Maya). In the US, you cannot beat Richmond and Rosie. There is a history of siblicide at both Cowlitz PUD and Port Lincoln in Australia – nests that might be best overlooked your first year watching Ospreys. I also highly recommend two peregrine falcon nests in Australia for you: Cilla Kinross is at Charles Sturt University in Orange with Diamond and Xavier. Their Izzi from last year is still with them! But my most favorite nest is the two parents at the CBD Peregrine Falcons in Melbourne. That little dad in his PJs is exceptional. They raised three big girls last year. It was incredible. ——- It is so nice to meet you! Keep up the bird watching, and let me know if you find some interesting nests!

    1. Cindy Hunter says:

      Oh, this just makes my heart sing!!! I have been following many of these nests via your blog. Interesting that so many of the birds are names, where the Ft. Myers eaglets are only “E’s.” Learned from you about “Bob’s” and “Tiny Tots!” Oh, I want them all to live healthy and happy lives! We are so fortunate to have these live cams and see what really goes on in bird world! I won’t bug you anymore, and thank you for your time in responding. Curious as to what time zone you are in. I am in California (PST). I noticed you mentioned your son lives in Spain. Our 8 yr old & 10 yr old granddaughters & parents are moving to Madrid in a few weeks. Thank YOU SO much!!!!!!

  4. Dear Cindy, You are never bothering me. Please do not ever thank that. People who love birds make me happy. I am in the middle of Canada, CDT. My son is visiting Spain and having a wonderful time. He lives in the West Indies but goes fishing in Spain and was itching to get off the island and travel. LOL. It is funny that the UK nests are all Bobs. It is from Bobblehead. But it helps until they get official names or numbers – so we don’t get attached. I am so glad that you are enjoying the nests! Have a great evening!

  5. Cindy Hunter says:

    Since you are from the “Canadalands,” I should ask you if you are aware or know of Pluto? Pluto is a 14 yr old Miniature Schnauzer from the “Canadalands,” and her Mom, Nancy Wright has helped all of us throughout the pandemic (like you) with information and lots humor. I have my 6th Schnauzer, Cashmere….so we love Pluto. Check out Pluto Living on FB or YouTube…you won’t regret it! Happy Evening!

  6. Oh, thank you. I will definitely check out Pluto and we love Schnauzers. Years ago we had a beautiful little silver one, Wim. Sadly he could not move with us when we went to England – the quarantine was six months and we just didn’t think we could do that to him. They are adorable dogs. Much appreciated, Cindy!

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