K3 fledges!

Everyone was waiting for the cute feisty K3 to fledge this morning. K1 had flown in and spent the night giving tips on what to do and Big Red had come in and fed both of them this morning.

K1 and K3 all cuddled up in the nest bowl. Such cuties.

K1 stood with K3 over on the fledge ledge giving him pointers for a successful first flight.

At 12:38 K1 re-fledged. And the little brother built up his bravery and decided to take the leap.

At 13:42 on 23 June 2021, K3 fledged out the front of the Fernow Light Box and flew directly towards the Oak Tree where K1 was.

But- he did a big turn- did he fly directly into Bradfield and fall straight down? or is he in a tree? Does anyone know? Surely that sweet little muffin is alright!

Hopefully K3 is in this tree:

The cam operator, Nanna, has located K1 in the Oak Tree.

There are Birders on the Ground looking for K3.

And K3 is fine. Karel and Bogette have found him. Ben said he flew into Bradfield and tried to cling to the building and missed the target. But there is no damage to K3 – his wings, his feet, or anything. He is wandering around on the rocks on the east side of Bradfield. Whew! What a fright you gave us K3! Please don’t do it again. OK?

Let us hope this cute little dare devil tones down the fancy flying for a bit! I think he was trying to impress his sister.

Thank you to the Cornell Bird Lab for their streaming cam where I get my screen shots and video clips. Thanks to Karel and BOGette for chasing K3 down.

If you want to watch the Ks being trained by Big Red and Arthur, please sign up for Karel Sedlacek’s Livestream. Karel and Cindy chase them down at all times of the days. Go to livestream.com/karelsedlacek

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