Breaking News in Bird World: K3 blown off Cornell Nest

The day had been going so well. K3 and K1 spent most of it on the Cornell Campus. Big Red came in and fed them lunch around 12:33.

The cam operator got a great close up of K1 in the middle of the afternoon.

And nothing exciting was really happening. The pair were just hanging out together.

Around 6:20 or so, K3 went over to the fledge ledge. He has always liked living on the edge in this nest. He was watching the people down on the athletic field as the wind gusts became increasingly strong.

Then he did a wing and leg stretch and poof, a strong gust blew him off of the nest! It was 18:30:33.

K3 was looking around after she realized something happened. And nearer to 19:08 she was really following something. I am only going to conclude that this was her little brother! or Big Red and Arthur. K1 flies off the nest at 19:15:04 from the same area that K3 blew off.

Let us all send warm thoughts to K3 in the hope that he was able to recover and did not get injured. As soon as I find out anything, I will let you know.

Thank you to the Cornell Bird Lab for their streaming cam where I took my stills and video clips.

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