Early Saturday in Bird World

The youngest eaglet on the MN-DNR was pushed off the nest by the eldest a short while ago. Nancy is feeding the eldest. I do not know if there will be a search party for the eaglet and/or Harry.

Mary Ann Steggles

30 April 2022

UPDATE: Terrible turn of events. The youngest eaglet was pushed off of the MN-DNR nest by the eldest. This was a second attempt and it was successful. It is possible that there will be a search for it and for Harry. Meanwhile, Nancy is feeding the eldest.

It is rainy, grey, damp, dreary in the garden this morning but, it could be worse! The rain is not torrential and the wee birds are not scurrying to get under the eaves to hang on to the vines. What a miserable spring ‘welcome home’ they are having!

Bird World news today includes some items from late Friday, also.

As I mentioned yesterday, Harry has been missing from the MN-DNR nest since late Tuesday. Things appear not to be going well. As Paul Kolnik mentioned on Eagles 101 FB page, there is a duck pond right below the nest. I…

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  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Mary Ann I am so sad to learn that one eaglet knocking the other one off the nest. With the dad already missing I pray a search team will come and rescue it soon. Prayers for it to be ok 🙏💕Please keep us updated. Thank you for all the updates and photos !
    Have a good Saturday afternoon!

    1. My reliable source tells me that there were DNR boots on the ground yesterday looking for Harry and back out now since eaglet 2 is down. Fingers crossed.

    2. I truly hope that they keep it in care and not put it back in the nest. That would just disturb things more. It is a live and can be rehabbed like WBSE27! Hopefully.

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