Quick Tuesday update in Bird World

31 May 2022

First up: Lotus was away and has returned to the nest. I did not know! This is fabulous news. I am thrilled. Thank you to ‘N’ for sending me an update. I wanted to correct my error quickly. So thrilled she has returned and will see Takoda fledge! Fantastic.

Cal Falcons has posted the list to vote on for the name of the two chicks of Annie, Grinnell, and Alden. Thanks to ‘B’ I found out about this quickly. I cannot see a clear deadline but please get in there and vote quickly!!!!!!!! Here is the link:


At the ND-LEEF nest only a small fish has come in so far today. I really hope more arrives but Little Bit 17 ate really well yesterday and while I would hope for food for it more often, it might not happen. He will be OK.

Driving to the nature centre showed me how ‘stirred up’ the water in our rivers is with just heavy rain. It is difficult for the birds who catch fish to see in these conditions and there is a lot of competition for road kill these days. As for my walk, I felt like I was in the Wizard of Oz – the wind was incredible and then the rain can dark clouds came. The birds were happy I returned home. Mr Crow was screaming for some more food!!!!!! He is a sad case. A lady down the street started feeding him bread and that is all he wants along with cat kibble. I tried boiled eggs, fruit but nothing so we have agreed on at least a multigrain roll. The wildlife rehabber told me one day that it is much better not to feed the ducks and geese and crows bread but she also added that it is better than nothing when there is a food shortage. Just an FYI.

Thank you for joining me for this very quick update. Head over and vote! Take care everyone. See you soon.

Thank you to Cal Falcons for their FB page where I took my screen grab.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann for the updates. I’m glad Lotus is there to see Takota fledge too. That is such a cute photo of Annie ! Thanks for it! Thanks for the link to vote too! I believe to feed them the bread when there is a food shortage. Thanks and have a good afternoon Mary Ann!

    1. Mr Crow is addicted to bread! I wish once he would eat a peanut or a grape or something but no, just hot dog buns!!!!!!!!! I think I am going to get a hot dog bun mold and make them without sugar.

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