Can you? or someone you know help me locate these potters (former potters?)? I do not know if they fit my research profile but they were Americans working in clay during the era.

I am trying to find word of the following individuals.  They were Americans who came to Canada.  I have not been able to locate them so any assistance would help.  Please ask them to contact me at my university address.  It is: They are:

Bonita Collins.  She gave pottery classes in Toronto and might be able to connect me with some who came up.  Known also as Bonita Bocanegra Collins.  Someone thinks she might be in southern Ontario being a food designer?

Lee Danish.  Was in New Brunswick.

Mardi Demain.  Also in New Brunswick at one time.  Rumours are he went to work on a math project with his won at either Yale or Harvard.

Ludmina Evans

Carol Graham.  Deceased.   Got her MFA from Puget Sound.  Taught at Malaspina.  In 1983 was living in Cobble Hill, BC.  Can anyone tell me about her work and provide images?

Rick Hanbury.  Deceased.  Had a studio in Nelson.  Can anyone tell me about his work and provide some historical images?

Desi Kantrum.  In 1983 was part of the Arrow Lakes Pottery group.

Jane Schlossberg

Pete Scott.  Pete is remembered by lots of folks including Byron Johnstad and Roger Painter.  Part of the Vancouver scene.  Returned to the US.  We believe he is working in the mountains and selling work in the Pacific Northwest.  Any images, news, etc. would be most welcome.

Norman White.  In 1983 was in Slocan Park, BC.  Deceased???  Anyone know of Norman and his work?


  1. hirundine608 says:

    Howdy … I knew Rick Hanbury in late 1970’s. Yes, he lived around the West Kootenay area. Predominately on East Shore Kootenay Lake around Riondel and Crawford Bay Grey Creek, etc. For a while he worked in Nelson, on a project turning the basement art of the old McDonald’s building into a pottery studio. Had a family with a woman named Pauline and she was a local arts be-er and do-er then. He was a draft dodger, I think? Amiable type, liked beer and women. Cheers

    1. I am so sorry that it has taken me this long to answer your kind note. I have added this information to my research binders and created a page for Rick Hanbury.

      1. richard bates says:

        I attended the Kootenay School of Art in 1970/71, studying pottery. Rick was working there at the time. I don’t have any data type information, just personal anecdotes. Not sure if that is what you are looking for?

      2. Dear Richard. Thank you so much for seeing my call for information. I am trying to find any information that I can. Anecdotes are perfect. The first big chapter about them is literally in print in a book celebrating Canada’s 150th. I have also written several articles but I want to write my own book about their contributions. So stories, any old photographs, etc. All is welcome. Thank you for your kindness!

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