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How often does an eaglet eat?

Ever wondered how often an eaglet eats? At lots of the streaming cams there are individuals who are conducting research or others, for their own interest, are collecting data. This could include the times of day the nestlings eat and what they are fed. It could be the times when the parents change shifts, theContinue reading “How often does an eaglet eat?”

E20 is doing fine!

To watchers and chatters, he is popularly known as ‘Little Bit’. Officially, he is E20, the second hatch of Harriet and M15 at the Southwest Florida Bald Eagle nest in Fort Myers. Second and third hatches are always popular. They are usually the underdog having suffered some bonking/beaking from their older siblings. E20 and E19Continue reading “E20 is doing fine!”

Thursday in Bird World

There were certainly tears flowing and hands clapping around the world as the identification of the juvenile Osprey that flew 350 km from its natal nest in a week was confirmed as Falky, the 2021 hatch at the Port Lincoln Osprey barge. This is simply incredible and Falky has now changed the understanding of howContinue reading “Thursday in Bird World”

Osprey fledgling flies 350 km from natal nest in a week

I don’t think anyone ever expected to get a phone call telling them that an Osprey with a yellow band was seen at Port Augusta yesterday. The question at the time was: is it Star or is it Falky? Falky was last seen on the 12th of January at 19:40. On 9 January, Falky tookContinue reading “Osprey fledgling flies 350 km from natal nest in a week”

Wednesday afternoon and all is well in Bird World

It has turned out to be a really good day for both the garden birds and E20 and R2. The blowing snow and wind yesterday kept the birds away from the feeders in my City but, all of the reports this morning are that the birds are back in full force. That is wonderful. IContinue reading “Wednesday afternoon and all is well in Bird World”

Late Tuesday and Early Wednesday in Bird World

Late Tuesday afternoon I was watching the Kisatchie National Forest Bald Eagle nest of Anna and Louis. It was such a calming and funny experience. Ten fish were on the nest. Ten. Not tinny weeny fish but substantial fish or portions of. When Louis is brooding the baby, he will get up and start toContinue reading “Late Tuesday and Early Wednesday in Bird World”

Kakapo Breeding Stats

I have posted some rather sad news today – the death of the 20 year old Peregrine Falcon, Princess, who was the anchor of the Manitoba Falcon Recovery and the spread of HPAI. So it is time for a little fun and giggles. New Zealanders love their flightless parrot, The Kakapo, just about as muchContinue reading “Kakapo Breeding Stats”

The moving tragedy of Avian Flu

I wonder how many saw the article about the factory chickens in Newfoundland, Canada being struck with the HPAI or Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza? Did you even think about it, if you did? On 6 January, the CBC announced that hundreds of birds in Newfoundland, Canada had contracted the H5N1 strain of avian flu. WhatContinue reading “The moving tragedy of Avian Flu”

Sadness in Winnipeg as 20 year old Peregrine Falcon Queen Dies

Princess was the heart and soul of the Manitoba Recovery’s Peregrine Falcons. She was found injured and taken into care. Her passing was announced today. Have a read. Learn the history of the falcons in my city! The Passing of a Grand Old Lady

Tuesday in Bird World

The snow that began last night is continuing to come down in the garden. It is gusty and blowing and the birds are having a difficult time finding a place to get out of the wind. I would love for someone to contradict me but, I do not recall this much snow in 15 years.Continue reading “Tuesday in Bird World”