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Help name the Cal Falcon eyases!

27 May 2022 The two eyases at the University of California-Berkeley were banded today. Annie and Alden both did fly bys while the humans were with the two chicks. The oldest is a female and the youngest and loudest is a little boy. Poor thing he looked terrified to me. I am sure that thatContinue reading “Help name the Cal Falcon eyases!”

Friday in Bird World

27 May 2022 I have been away most of the afternoon and have not been able to check on all the nests on my return. It was raining on the two osplets on the UFlorida-Gainesville nest and it looks like they have been at the hair salon, too! It has been terrible weather at theContinue reading “Friday in Bird World”

Annie’s 4th ever female chick – and a loud little boy

27 May 2022 The banding at the University of California-Berkeley scrape is over! My goodness! The male chick is so loud you need noise cancelling head phones. Seriously. Hatch 1 is a girl. This is Annie’s only 4th female in all the chicks she has hatched. You might remember that last year they were allContinue reading “Annie’s 4th ever female chick – and a loud little boy”

Early Friday in Bird World

27 May 2022 As the sun goes down, we say soon say goodbye to the Captiva Ospreys – Lena, Andy, Middle Little, and Little Mini O. What a delight this Osprey season has been. We were sad for Big to die so quickly and mysteriously but, we all rejoiced when it was not Avian FluContinue reading “Early Friday in Bird World”

Late Afternoon in Bird World

26 May 2022 The morning started off terrible in Bird World. Dylan was believed to be missing at Llyn Clywedog with three hungry chicks on the nest and Seren calling and calling — and another floppy fish covered the oldest Bob at the Dyfi Nest. Things turned out well and I thought it was aContinue reading “Late Afternoon in Bird World”

Is a Tragedy Brewing at Dyfi and Clywedog plus other tales in Bird World Thursday Morning

26 May 2022 The Osprey season in the UK is getting off to a very stormy start. First, the Perch almost kills the chicks at Manton Bay when it flaps them, Laddie’s eye appeared to be injured, and now we have a missing Dad and another chick under a fish. The weather is terrible andContinue reading “Is a Tragedy Brewing at Dyfi and Clywedog plus other tales in Bird World Thursday Morning”

Ervie has a dust up with Mum!

26 May 2022 We all love Ervie. He melted our hearts the second he hatched. For a long time, until the day he was banded, I called him Tiny Little Bob. Big Bob hatched on 13 September at 22:03 Middle Bob hatched on 14 September at 02:30 Little Bob hatched on 16 September at 00:51Continue reading “Ervie has a dust up with Mum!”

Did Mama Raccoon take eaglet for revenge?

25 May 2022 I received a very interesting letter from EJ just a few minutes ago. What they wrote is something worth considering. I will leave the answer to the question up to you. It is not often that we see what happens in the wild. If you were a mother with a nest ofContinue reading “Did Mama Raccoon take eaglet for revenge?”

Late Wednesday in Bird World

25 May 2022 Whew! I am still scrambling from looking at so many streaming cam nests this morning. There are so many different things happening from pips to hatches to fledges to deadly intruders. I took the afternoon off and went out to our nature centre for the 3 km walk. It was just beautifulContinue reading “Late Wednesday in Bird World”

Early Wednesday in Bird World

25 May 2022 There is so much news that it is difficult to know where to start sometimes. But today it is going to be in Port Lincoln, Australia on the Osprey barge. Mum and Dad were sitting next to one another on the ropes. Mum then went to the nest and was looking around.Continue reading “Early Wednesday in Bird World”