Quebec City…I love you!

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Tuesday in Bird World

All of the eaglets are doing well. It is a great Tuesday. It is seriously a great Tuesday with the hatch of 27 and the sighting of JJ7 in Senegal. NE27 is only a little over 13 hours old and it is right up there with big sib having some fish. 27 looks almost asContinue reading “Tuesday in Bird World”

Is it really JJ7?

I woke up to wonderful news from Jean-Marie Dupart from the Saloum Delta in Senegal. The Saloum Delta is home to Mangrove forests and wetlands, perfect for an Osprey. Dupart has already counted 1018 Ospreys this month. He has another week to go before his final monthly tally. This is fabulous news in terms ofContinue reading “Is it really JJ7?”

Late Monday in Bird World

For now NE26 is an ‘only child’. NE27 is steadily working its way through the hard shell that has enclosed it for the past 35 days. Will 26 be a brute of a big sibling or a sweetheart…we wait. NE26 is really cute and fluffy. I did notice that the tiny pick at the endContinue reading “Late Monday in Bird World”

NE27 is pipping and other Bird World News

Oh, the sun is so bright this morning! It is beautiful and, at the same time, it is cold. We have another extreme cold warning. That is the problem with sunny days. If it is cloudy, it is normally warmer. The birds are already coming in waiting for the feeders to be filled. NE26 continuesContinue reading “NE27 is pipping and other Bird World News”

Late late Sunday in Bird World

Is there a better way to spend a snowy Sunday than to watch little eaglets being fed in their nests? Gabby and Samson’s NE26 hatched at 03:04 on the 23rd of January. It was caught in an image that Pascale Ragon posted on FB. What an adorable little eaglet! It is also very strong, holdingContinue reading “Late late Sunday in Bird World”

Sunday in Bird World 23 Jan

NE26 is here! There are so many hatch times posted that it is unclear when NE26 was officially out of that shell. Does it matter? The AEF is showing 07:28:38 but the eaglet is fully dry and fluffy so I think Gabby was hiding that hatchling, keeping it warm. It is noon and it isContinue reading “Sunday in Bird World 23 Jan”

NE26 – almost here!

Oh, NE26 is really progressing well. These images were taken four hours ago. You can see the chick is really breaking up the shell. Just a little more and 26 will be free and fully hatched. Bald eaglets are not considered hatched until they are out of the shell completely. You could also hear NE26Continue reading “NE26 – almost here!”

While we were watching Samson and Gabby…..

Jackie laid her first egg of the season at Big Bear, California. No fan fare. Ate some prey. Just in the nest, laid the egg. Wow. Jackie you made that look easy!!!!!!! Mark your calendars. Pip watch will begin 27 February. Last year the couple laid two clutches. Neither were successful. These are two realContinue reading “While we were watching Samson and Gabby…..”

What keeps us busy while NE26 hatches?

Samson has come to the nest to check on the progress of the hatch and to see if Gabby wants anything. Samson is more than anxious for NE26 to hatch – just like the rest of us. 26 is using his egg tooth to chisel away at that shell. At 08:20 this was just aContinue reading “What keeps us busy while NE26 hatches?”

It’s a Pip for Gabby and Samson

Eyes have been on the two eggs of Gabby and Samson at the NEFlorida Bald Eagle Nest for several days. This morning what everyone was hoping for happened – a pip – the egg tooth broke through the shell. The time was 08:20. The AEF produced a short video: Last year Samson and Gabby fledgedContinue reading “It’s a Pip for Gabby and Samson”