Mini visits nest!

16 September 2023 There are only a few birds that would bring me out of vacation and one of those is Mini. ‘H’ spotted her on the nest at 1246! I thought everyone would want to know that she is still at Patchogue. It looks like the outer bands of Hurricane Lee are causing itContinue reading “Mini visits nest!”

Has Manaaki fledged? Saturday in Bird World

16 September 2023 Good Morning Everyone, This is our last blog until we return on Monday 25 September. We hope that you have a great week while we are away! Today it was cold and rainy. Not a great day for the annual open house at Wildlife Haven, our wildlife rescue hospital, in Ile desContinue reading “Has Manaaki fledged? Saturday in Bird World”

Friday in Bird World

15 September 2023 Good Morning Everyone! Hope, Calico, Missey and Lewis – along with all the garden animals hope that you are well, that the weather is grand, and that you will get outside and enjoy the sound of birds and the smell of autumn which is upon us. Calico’s incision looks really good. WhatContinue reading “Friday in Bird World”

Guess who’s still home…Thursday in Bird World

14 September 2023 Good Morning Everyone, The happenings in Bird World – in terms of our beloved Ospreys – are getting thin. Most have left their nests and are returning to their winter destinations. It has been a privilege to watch these amazing families struggle in some very challenging conditions to survive. The joy thatContinue reading “Guess who’s still home…Thursday in Bird World”

Migration…Wednesday in Bird World

13 September 2023 Good Morning, Tuesday was a very ‘difficult’ and, at the same time, rewarding and joyous day. Two beautiful Calico cats are off the streets and out of the cycle of producing feral kittens. Needless to say I did not sleep well Monday night. It is the ‘alarm clock syndrome’. Difficulty sleeping forContinue reading “Migration…Wednesday in Bird World”

Mini is home…Tuesday in Bird World

12 September 2023 Good Morning, First up. My e-mail and FB Messenger ‘lit up’. The messages were mostly ‘Mini is Alive’…’We knew Mini was a survivor’..’Mini wanted to show us that she is alive and doing well’. Gosh, she is a survivor and it is fitting that our dear fourth hatch came to the nestContinue reading “Mini is home…Tuesday in Bird World”

It’s Melbourne 4 – Port Lincoln 2…Monday in Bird World

11 September 2023 Good Morning to all of you, Sunday started off cool, and it warmed up but the day was mostly cloudy. So, to me, it felt cooler looking out than it actually was. Small raindrops have just started falling late in the evening. The Blue Jays are still coming to the garden forContinue reading “It’s Melbourne 4 – Port Lincoln 2…Monday in Bird World”

Bon Voyage Mini…Sunday in Bird World

10 September 2023 Hello Everyone! Saturday was the most gorgeous fall day. It was about 16 degrees C with a beautiful blue sky and some soft puffy white clouds as I travelled north from the City. You could see the geese overhead flying in their standard ‘V’ formation swirling around the fields that have beenContinue reading “Bon Voyage Mini…Sunday in Bird World”

Three for Melbourne…Saturday in Bird World

9 September 2023 Good Morning All, Friday was a busy day for me and most of the time I was away from home. However, the moments that I did get to spend with my four four-legged furry friends was brilliant. Hope is now peeking around the corner at me and even came near to myContinue reading “Three for Melbourne…Saturday in Bird World”

Three for Diamond and Xavier…Friday in Bird World

8 September 2023 Gosh, another week has flown by. Honestly, I do not notice unless I have an appointment. All of the days blur together, and that is perfectly fine. It was nice to put up the watch and not have the calendar overflowing with appointments once I retired. As one former student says, ‘MyContinue reading “Three for Diamond and Xavier…Friday in Bird World”