Quebec City…I love you!

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Port Lincoln Osprey Nest, check in

Today was a day for me to go outside, walk, and enjoy a beautiful, warm, fall day in the country. I did check on the Port Lincoln Ospreys before I left and Dad had brought in a fish and they were eating. It is now noon in Port Lincoln, Australia and there have been twoContinue reading “Port Lincoln Osprey Nest, check in”

A Visit to Oak Hammock Marsh

My Hibiscus and the Vermillionaires for the hummingbirds continue to think it is summer. And why wouldn’t they with blue skies, sun, and 24 degrees C. The only things that seem to be on track for autumn are the trees and Virginia Creepers that are changing colour daily. Today was a bit of an outing.Continue reading “A Visit to Oak Hammock Marsh”

Fish delivery at PLO. Tears of joy.

It is 11:36 on the Port Lincoln Osprey Nest and Mom is still waiting for Dad to bring in a fish. I have peeked but, she is up and waiting and hopeful. The chicks are behaving themselves. That is a relief. I don’t know what will happen when the fish does arrive on the nest.Continue reading “Fish delivery at PLO. Tears of joy.”

Trouble at Port Lincoln?

Yesterday there were not as many fish deliveries as there had been on the days when the wind was blowing at 34 kph. It was a bit concerning but the chicks seemed to be fine. The PLO camera was down for a long time – frozen. The temperatures are cool but the winds are onlyContinue reading “Trouble at Port Lincoln?”

Wednesday in Bird World

Lady Hawk has posted some close ups of the Royal Albatross cam chick, Tiaki, doing some wing exercises. Tiaki is all grown up, a beautiful juvenile, the daughter of LGL and LGK. She will fledge soon beginning her five or six year journey at sea – never touching land – til she returns to theContinue reading “Wednesday in Bird World”

Everyone is Fine

One of the problems with the streaming cams is the ‘chat’ feature. There, I have said it. The same persons come on at different times of the day, every day or every other day and say the same negative things. There is one on the PLO chat that always says, ‘The mother never feeds theContinue reading “Everyone is Fine”

The Miracle Chick

If I mention the name Aran, who is the first to come to mind? This morning there was a posting about a ‘miracle’ chick – indeed, 2 miracle eggs and one of those being a chick that never should have hatched but did. These stories always interest me because, I immediately think that they areContinue reading “The Miracle Chick”

Oh, Little Bob!

Oh, another glorious fall day on the Canadian Prairies. The sun is shining bright and the sky is blue. The leaves of the vines looking like stained glass ranging in colour from rust to orange, light yellow, and chartreuse. Just stunningly beautiful. I always worry about the third hatches. I have worried about the thirdContinue reading “Oh, Little Bob!”

PLO rock

It seriously does not get better than this: I take a break to check on our federal election results and turn around to check on the chicks at the Port Lincoln Osprey nest and they are being fed —— again! The whale of a fish that Dad brought in this morning still has some leftContinue reading “PLO rock”

A whale of a fish for the PLO kids

In the middle of the night, the osplets were restless. Mom needed to stretch her legs and they all stood up, beaks wide open thinking it was time for yet – another – meal. They were so well fed during the day it is hard to imagine them being hungry at 02:45 but they thoughtContinue reading “A whale of a fish for the PLO kids”