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Early Monday in Bird World

4 July 2022 Good Morning Everyone. I hope that you had a marvellous weekend and for those celebrating independence day in many countries around the world, have a fun and safe time. With all the talk about storks, ‘L’ asked a question in the comments. Did I know what happened to the White Stork couple,Continue reading “Early Monday in Bird World”

Brief Bird World News on Sunday late

3 July 2022 Hello Everyone, I hope that you have had a really lovely weekend. Thank you for taking the time to join me this evening. There are two important moments in a young Red-tail Hawks life. Their first flight marks them as a fledglings. They need to fly out and return to the nestContinue reading “Brief Bird World News on Sunday late”

Good News on Little Bit ND17 and brief news in Bird World

Sunday 3 July 2022 Do you live in an area where farmer’s are baling hay or straw? and using baling twine? It was baling twine mixed in with some other nesting materials that caught on the male Ospreys talon at Osoyoos and pulled the chick off to fall to its death. Dr Erick Greene atContinue reading “Good News on Little Bit ND17 and brief news in Bird World”

Late Saturday in Bird World

2 July 2022 How many of you have tried to watch the streaming bird cams or Ferris Akel’s Tour (or both at the same time) and tried to cook dinner and bake a cake? Well, that is what I am trying to do without much success with any of them! OK. I shouldn’t say that.Continue reading “Late Saturday in Bird World”

1H1 fledges at Rutland and other news in Bird World

Saturday. 2 July 2022 The fireworks in my City for those celebrating Canada Day at the historical meeting point of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers started around 10:30 Friday evening and – continued in what seemed private locations – until around 0200 Saturday morning. In their studies, the Animal Ethics Board has found that fireworksContinue reading “1H1 fledges at Rutland and other news in Bird World”

Friday in Bird World – brief notes

1 July 2022 What a busy day in Bird World and sadly, another entry on ‘that list’. I want to start by thanking one of our readers, ‘AM’. She left her home and pushed through all kinds of Canada Celebrations and a parade for an hour to get to the Osoyoos Osprey Nest the minuteContinue reading “Friday in Bird World – brief notes”

Osplet over board at Osoyoos, Little Bit 17 in care and other news in Bird World

30 June-1 July 2022 There are reports coming out of the Osoyoos Osprey Nest that moss and baling twine were brought into the nest at around 0531 and that sometime later, at 0645, a chick fell off the edge of the nest onto the ground below. Dr Greene has been warning people of the perilsContinue reading “Osplet over board at Osoyoos, Little Bit 17 in care and other news in Bird World”

Update on Little Bit ND17

1 July 2022 I want to thank everyone who wrote, yelled, hollered, screamed, prayed and continued to tell the folks at St Patrick’s County Park that he needed to be in care. Your fight for him made the difference in his life or death. Please read the information from the wildlife rehabber carefully and beContinue reading “Update on Little Bit ND17”

Late Thursday in Bird World

30 June 2022 UPDATE ON LITTLE BIT 17: Message from Humane Indiana Wildlife. ” Hello! We will post an update on ND17 tomorrow. Today was stressful for him, as you can imagine, but he is doing well and receiving much needed care.” I am feeling some comfort in the news that Little Bit ND17 wasContinue reading “Late Thursday in Bird World”

Little Bit 17 is in Care!!!!!!

30 June 2022 The latest information and thank you ‘C’. The tears are flowing with joy. “Update 6/30/22 Noon: After this morning’s observations being relayed to a local rehabber and their consultation with other eagle rehabbers, it was decided that a welfare check was in the best interest of ND17. This morning at approximately 11:40,Continue reading “Little Bit 17 is in Care!!!!!!”