Quebec City…I love you!

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The Daisy Chronicles, day 2

We are going to start off with a check on what is happening in San Francisco – before moving on to Daisy. An absolutely adorable 4 min 16 sec radio discussion on The Love Story in the Sky at The Campanile. Did you know that Peregrine Falcons were virtually wiped out in California? In theContinue reading “The Daisy Chronicles, day 2”

Happenings in Bird World

Holly Parsons, the administrator for the Orange Peregrine Falcon FB group, has posted the following from Cilla Kinross regarding Yurruga: I took some images of beautiful Diamond throughout the day. We would expect the parents to visibly be supplying prey to Yurruga. Many of you will have seen the adults at 367 Collins Street bringingContinue reading “Happenings in Bird World”

Daisy is back!

Daisy is a Pacific Black Duck. This past January Daisy laid her second clutch of eggs in the old Ironbark Tree used by the White-Bellied Sea Eagles for their nest. She has now returned to lay her first clutch for the 2021-22 season. She laid her first egg today! Last year we held our breathContinue reading “Daisy is back!”

Falcon and Red-Tail Hawk Cams

I had a lovely note form ‘M’ asking about other peregrine falcon cams. Thank you for your letter, ‘M’. Each one of us feels a little ’empty’ when the eyases fledge. Without trackers, we have no idea what happens to them. We just wish them well and I know that everyone is working hard toContinue reading “Falcon and Red-Tail Hawk Cams”

Oh, for the love of Ervie

It is no secret that my long-term research project on third hatch Ospreys that survive can cause a whole lot of heart ache. The opposite side of that is the sheer joy in watching these ‘thirds’ come into their own. Some suffer much more than others. In 2021, one of the worst was Tiny TotContinue reading “Oh, for the love of Ervie”

Royal Cam Family for 2021-22

Just go OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. It is OGK and YRK, Princess Pippa Atawhai’s parents. Oh, how lucky we are! Here is the announcement posted by Sharon Dunne: Oh, my gosh. I am speechless. This is such wonderful news. Is there an Albatross Jig that we can do to celebrate? You can watch the Royal Albatross family forContinue reading “Royal Cam Family for 2021-22”

Wednesday in Bird World

Let’s start off with what is on everyone’s mind: Has there been a confirmed sighting of Yurruga? Yesterday, Dr Cilla Kinross was inspired by a very quick prey drop at the scrape. Diamond flew into the trees. Cilla was in the trees looking half an hour later – she only saw Diamond. Diamond returned toContinue reading “Wednesday in Bird World”

Was it Yurruga?

My goodness. It is just past 09:00 on the Port Lincoln Osprey barge and already there have been three fish delivered – one of those was really quite a bit one! Ervie got the first fish that arrived at 06:16. There was another delivery at 07:22 and Falky takes that fish. Falky is still eatingContinue reading “Was it Yurruga?”

Condor 1030 Iniko – the miracle – set to be released

With the uncertainty and sadness surrounding little Yurruga and our deepest condolences to Cilla Kinross and the team at Orange, it is heart warming to know that miracles do happen in Bird World. On 4 December at 09:30 PT, you can witness one of those. Condor 1031, Iniko, will be released into the wild! AsContinue reading “Condor 1030 Iniko – the miracle – set to be released”

Little Yurruga

As many of you are aware, Yurruga has not been seen since last Thursday. Cilla Kinross saw him on the top of a building in the pitching down rain and later, university workers also saw Yurruga on the same building. Cilla sent me a short note this morning because I had written to her earlierContinue reading “Little Yurruga”