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3 year old eagle returns to natal nest while Sloop decides to fly…or not

16 August 2022 Sometimes events are so heart warming that they need to be spread throughout the community. Sitting on a perch as I write is a 2019 hatch of the Two Harbours nest and Mama Cruz. Trey is the female eagle’s name because she was the third to hatch. She survived her migrations toContinue reading “3 year old eagle returns to natal nest while Sloop decides to fly…or not”

Bird World News – Early Tuesday

16 August 2022 Good Morning Everyone! Everyone has survived the torrential rain from last night but all the plants were pelted down by the heavy rain and I wonder if that is the same for the crops in the farmer’s fields? I am reasonably sure that everyone reading my blog this year is aware ofContinue reading “Bird World News – Early Tuesday”

Little Bit 17 and Sea Eagle update

15 August 2022 I cannot thank the boots on the ground near the St Joseph River for keeping us informed about Little Bit 17. Without his tale tale tonsure, we might never know that it is him. I know that many of you are not members of FB so I took a couple of screenContinue reading “Little Bit 17 and Sea Eagle update”

Early Monday in Bird World

15 August 2022 Good Morning Everyone, The hoped for blog on migration will be written tonight and appear Wednesday morning. Lots of good information has come in! Thanks to all. If you are still thinking about migration challenges – even in your own area – send them to me before 1800 CDT Tuesday the 16th.Continue reading “Early Monday in Bird World”

Llyn Clywedog fledgling survives Goshawk attack

14 August 2022 There was a goshawk attack on the Llyn Clywedog nest at dusk – 20:38:40 on 13 August – that knocked the fledgling off the nest. Here are two videos, one in regular time and the other in slow-motion. In my earlier blog today I lost much information including rare images of threeContinue reading “Llyn Clywedog fledgling survives Goshawk attack”

Goshaw attacks Llyn Clywedog nest, a Victor update, and other news in Bird World

14 August 2022 Sadly, the attacks by Goshawks on Osprey nests is becoming more common than one would like. Today, Dylan had no more than brought a fish in for the three fledglings and left – followed by the two – than the Goshawk that has been seen in the area knocked Blue 553 offContinue reading “Goshaw attacks Llyn Clywedog nest, a Victor update, and other news in Bird World”

Fledge at Osoyoos!

13 August 2022 I saw it but didn’t know what I was seeing since I had been away. ‘A-M’ confirmed that Big Chick – chick #2 – fledged this morning at 0821. The chick returned to the nest at 0918. Here is that moment. I could not wait to share it with you. We haveContinue reading “Fledge at Osoyoos!”

Fledges, poisoned rivers, migration and more – early Saturday in Bird World

13 August 2022 It is a gorgeous day. A perfect 21 degrees C or 69.8 F with blue skies and sun. Rain is to come on Monday. It must be a good day to go and check on the ducks and ducklings! Dyson would not cooperate so I could not get his photo as heContinue reading “Fledges, poisoned rivers, migration and more – early Saturday in Bird World”

Late Friday in Bird World

12 August 2022 The most wonderful aspect of the trip to Hecla Island was not what I went for – to do a survey of the Bald Eagle nests for David Hancock – but, the two sightings of the Osprey at the Gimli Marina. Last night was simply a blessing. Those quiet wings helping theContinue reading “Late Friday in Bird World”

Victor update and a little news from Bird World

11 August 2022 It was really quite a treat to get an update on Victor. It appears that he is improving but, not out of the woods yet. My day to Hecla Island did not turn out quite like expected. I had left hoping that the water levels near Black Wolf trail were dry andContinue reading “Victor update and a little news from Bird World”