K1 fledges and K2 is rescued

This morning on the Red tail hawk nest on the Fernow Light Box in Ithaca, New York, the first hatch of 2021, K1, fledged. It was one of the best leaps of faith I have seen in a long time. That happened at 8:27:31. No sooner than K1 had fledged than the team from theContinue reading “K1 fledges and K2 is rescued”

Storks almost blown off nest, a second egg, and more news from Bird World

My friend T always sends me exciting nest news. So, T, thank you so much, as always. It is much appreciated. This morning T sent me a video. I almost fell off my chair while watching it. High winds and a storm in Poland and a stork nest. Not a good combination. Watch the pineContinue reading “Storks almost blown off nest, a second egg, and more news from Bird World”

K1 fledges, K2 taken into care and other news in Bird World. 22 June 2021

Before I even begin to write about everything that is happening on the nests, I want to show you an image of a gorgeous bird. Elegant even. Did you read that right. Did I just say that an Osprey was elegant? If she were a human, she could be a model on the Chanel runway.Continue reading “K1 fledges, K2 taken into care and other news in Bird World. 22 June 2021”

Mandarin ducklings leap out of Owl Box in Japan

Today in Nagano, Japan, a paddling of ducklings took a leap of faith at 7:07:59 and leapt out of the Ural Owl Nest Box where they hatched yesterday. Mandarin Ducks are some of the most beloved birds in the world. It is mainly because of the beautiful plumage of the male. The female, on theContinue reading “Mandarin ducklings leap out of Owl Box in Japan”

WBSE Lady and Dad Sing the Duet

For several days I have been trying to figure out how to get the sound with the video clips I record. It was driving me crazy. Years ago, I found myself a new faculty member at Acadia University. The very enlightened new President of Acadia was starting a programme called the Acadia Advantage. Each facultyContinue reading “WBSE Lady and Dad Sing the Duet”

Nest Hopping on the Summer Solstice

Today in the Northern Hemisphere we are celebrating the Summer Solstice. In the Southern, it is the Winter Solstice. My friends in Australia are finishing up their gardens, eating the last of the tomatoes and clearing up the vines, enjoying the first of the cabbages. It is even time for them to light the smallContinue reading “Nest Hopping on the Summer Solstice”

Let’s Talk White-Bellied Sea Eagles

My ‘love affair’ and complete obsession with birds goes back to a single moment looking into the eyes of a large hawk only 30 cm away from me. I have not looked back, as they say, since that day. It is the behaviour of the birds that I find so interesting – the challenges theyContinue reading “Let’s Talk White-Bellied Sea Eagles”

Tiny Little Bob eats most of the flounder at Foulshaw Moss!

Oh, those third hatches that have been beaten down and abused by their big siblings can be so clever – if they survive. They also learn how to read their environment by being patient, looking, listening, and working their way in to get the food. Tiny Tot at the Achieva Osprey Nest was not afraidContinue reading “Tiny Little Bob eats most of the flounder at Foulshaw Moss!”

It was..and then it wasn’t a good day to fledge

The Red tail Hawks and, especially Arthur, have been giving aerial demonstrations for their three eyases, the Ks, today. The weather was lovely and the winds were fantastic. K3, the youngest was really getting into having that wind go underneath his wings. Some, much more experienced than me have shared their wisdom with me. LargeContinue reading “It was..and then it wasn’t a good day to fledge”

Two Osprey chicks die at Urdaibai Biosphere Park

The adults at the Urdaibai Biosphere are Landa and Roy, named after Roy Dennis who helped with the translocation of the Ospreys from Scotland to the region. This year started so well – three eggs and everyone so hopeful that the project would be well and underway. Sadly, that is not the case. This nestContinue reading “Two Osprey chicks die at Urdaibai Biosphere Park”