Memorial Wall 2023

The feathered friends that are lost to us beginning 1 January 2023.

  1. Wassak. California Condor. Big Sur Colony. Lead Poisoning. Died at the Los Angeles Zoo after being found and taken there for treatment on 5 January 2023.

2. Sue. Red-tailed Hawk. Syracuse University Campus. Succumbed to Avian Flu on 18 January 2023. Mate to Otto who died of Avian Flu the following day.

3. Otto. Red-Tail Hawk. Syracuse University. Mate to Sue. Succumbed to Avian Flu. 19 January 2023.

4. Little Boots. Webster Texas Bald Eagle Nest. Died of injuries and early sibling rivalry on the nest after being taken into care by the Wildlife Centre of Texas in Houston. 26 January – 3 February 2023. Paul White got a team together to rescue the baby whose foot appeared to have been caught in monofilament line in the nest for 5 days. Older sibling Ringo had plucked the baby right after he had hatched and he still held on wanting to live. Soar high.

5. Harriet. SWFlorida Bald Eagle Nest, Fort Myers, Florida. Disappeared on Thursday, 2 February 2023. Was last noted as vocalising to intruders as she flew northwest to get them to leave territory. Flew off nest during the late afternoon. Missing. Presumed Dead. Mate to Ozzie and M15. Harriet had two eaglets on the nest, E21 and E22 at the time of her disappearance.

Harriet was the mate of Ozzie and at the time of her disappearance, M15. In her more than thirty years as an adult eagle, she raised 4 eaglets to fledge with Ozzie and 15 with M15. Those eaglets were Hope and Honour (2013), E4 (2014) and E6 fathered by Ozzie and cared for also by M15 in 2015. With M15 she parented E7 and E8 (2016), E9 (2017), E10 and E11 (2018), E12 and E13 (2019), E15 and E16 (2020), E17 and E18 (2021), E19 and E20 (2022). At the time of her disappearance E21 and E22 were on the nest and were a month old. M15 is attempting to raise them alone.

6. Mum. ND-LEEF Bald Eagle Nest. MIA. 15 February 2022. Had finished rebuilding the nest with dad on the grounds of St Joseph Park in South Bend, Indiana. Intruder female about. Last seen 15 February. In the image, Mum is shown with the three eaglets ND15, 16, and 17 – all fledged in 2022.

7. Mabel. Osprey. 15 February 2023. The female of the new couple to take over the nest of Andy and Lena at Captiva. Missing. Status Unknown. Female intruder at the nest, named Florence.

8. Big Gulp, #711. California Condor. Mid-February 2023. Mortality Signal Emitted. Cause to date Unknown.

9. Shasta. Female Peregrine Falcon. 28 February 2023. Mate to Sequoia, Annie and Grinnell’s lad. San Jose, California. Cause of death: HPAI.

10. Sequoia. Peregrine Falcon. Son of Grinnell and Annie from Cal Falcons (2019). MIA since 1 March 2023. Mate of Shasta (#9) who died of HPAI. I have taken the liberty to presume that Sequoia has also died of HPAI if his mate did just like Sue and Otto (#1 and #2) from Syracuse. More information to follow.

Image of Shasta and Sequoia from 18 February 2023.

11. CM2. Bald Eaglet. 3 March 2023 (or 2nd). Camp Margaritaville Bald Eagle Nest, Auburndale, Florida. Siblicide. (Approximately 6 weeks old). The photo below was taken on 6 February. Nest had plenty of food.

12. Timosha. Eastern Imperial Eagle, tagged in 2017 in the nest in Tatarstan (Russia). His transmitter remained connected the longest. Last summer, Timosha turned 5 years old, and there were hopes he will start his own family. But March 7, 2023 when the eagle was in Iran, communication with him was lost. Cause of Death: Unknown.

Image from 2018.

13. Peanut. Bald Eaglet. 11 March 2023. Corona California GHO nest. Parents are Owlvira and Hoots. Cause of death is unclear. Peanut was the youngest of four owlets and was considerably smaller than the other three. Possible hypothermia. Owlvira fed the body of Peanut to the other eaglets at 10:00.

13. Zoe. Eastern Osprey. MIA. Port Lincoln Osprey Barge. More information to follow.

15. Greater Spotted Eagle Sven. Got his transmitter in 2021. 25 March 2023. Cause of Death: Drowned while crossing the Mediterranean Sea. He was the only tracked bird breeding in Western Estonia who was wintering in Crete island. Distance: 1465 km.

16. Obey. Bald Eagle. Dale Hollow. Missing since Tuesday, 28 March. Mate of River. Left three eaglets in the nest. More information to follow.

17. Eaglet. Bald Eagle. MN-DNR. Cause of death: Nest Collapse after heavy winter snow storm. 2 April 2023. Only eaglet of Nancy and new mate, Beau, to hatch on 26 March. Eaglet was doing well and survived the storm. Heavy snowfall on the nest and weight were deemed to cause the collapse. Nancy flew off as the nest went. She is OK.

18-19. Nestlings. Bald Eagles. Trio Lover’s Nest, Mississippi Flyway, Fulton, Illinois. 4-5 April 2023. Cause: Nest Collapse. Parents are Star of the Lover’s Trio and Tarek. Discovered after the violent storms tore tree from 2-3′ from the ground by Dennis Brecht.

20. 2 day old Nestling. Bald Eagle. Standley Lake Regional Park, Westminster, Colorado. 4 April 2023. Cause: Nest Collapse.

21. Nestling. Bald Eagle. Bartlesville, Oklahoma. One of two that hatched. 5 April 2023. Sutton Centre just noticed it missing from the nest. Doubts that the third egg will hatch.

22-23. Eaglet nestlings. Standley Lake, Westminster, Colorado. 6 April 2022. Cause of Death: Nest collapse.

24. Eaglet. DH1. Bald Eagle. Decorah, Iowa. 5-6 April 2023. Parents are Missy and Dude. Cause: Hypothermia. Fell from nest.

25. Osplet. Third Hatch. Achieva Credit Union, St Petersburgh, Florida. 8 April 2023 at 15:52:03. Cause: starvation/parental neglect. Diane chose not to feed the smaller one even though for its first two weeks; it was feisty and up getting food until the older siblings caused problems. Lived for nearly 72 hours with no food.

26. Eaglet. DH19. Bald Eagle. Dale Hollow Bald Eagle Nest. 8/9 April 2023. Cause: starvation/siblicide. The male Obey disappeared, leaving River to care for three eaglets. Weather and intruders caused issues with delivering enough prey to feed all three.

27. Salli. Osprey. Finland Osprey Nest. April 2023. Cause: Electrocution.

28. Mrs G. Osprey. Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn. Cause of Death: Unknown. Mrs G did not return to her nest at Glaslyn that she shared with her mate, Aran, for the 2023 breeding season. Date: Unknown. Lovely tribute by Heather Corfield of Glaslyn below!

29. Hatchling. Red-tail Hawk. Tennessee. Chick of Angel, the Leucistic RTH, and her new mate, Tom. Died: 29 April 2023. Less than one day old. Cause of Death: Killed by Tom, the male, when it returned to the nest. Reason to kill its newly hatched chick is unclear.

30. DH18. Bald Eaglet. 3 May 2023. The eaglet was rescued by the AEF and subsequently taken to the University of Tennessee where it underwent surgeries to try and heal the damaged tissue from monofilament line cutting through its legs on the Dale Hollow Bald Eagle Nest. The eaglet suffered from fast spreading necrotic infection and had to be euthanised. Parents were River and Obey. Obey disappeared and River had to try and raise her three eaglets on her own. DH19 died of siblicide/starvation. Only surviving eaglet is DH17. Videos of the rescue will be posted.

31. C3. Osplet. Lake Murray Osprey Platform, South Carolina. 8 May 2023. Cause: Siblicide. Hatched 23 April 2023. 15 days old. The first days were calm. Then when the eldest got its Reptilian plumage at age 8-9 days (C1 hatched on the 19th of April) it began attacking C3 aggressively.

32. Golden Eaglet. 9 May 2023. Bucovina, Romania. Cause: Accident then Hypothermia.  Chick was dragged out of the nest bowl and died of hypothermia (it was a cold night), despite mum’s efforts (which were limited in any case but the chick was too young to crawl back to the nest bowl to get under mum). Later, Mum fed chick one to chick two, which was sad but the logical thing.

33. Eaglet. Fort St Vrain, Colorado. Date: 10 May 2023. Cause: Bad weather/hypothermia. Major hail storm went through the area.

34. Eyas. Peregrine Falcon. Utica, New York Falcon Scrape. 9 May 2023. Cause: Accident. Day-old Eyas was stuck under Mum Astrid’s wing when she flew out and fell to its death. Dad is Ares.

35. Ricky. Osprey. Lake Murray, South Carolina Osprey Platform. Has been missing since 17:15 on 9 May 2023. Left three osplets on the nest with mate, Lucy. Little Bob died of siblicide due to a lack of fish. There remains strife in the nest. Cause of death unknown.

36-37. Two Peregrine Falcon chicks. Norwich Cathedral, UK. Week of May 7-14. Cause yet to be determined.

38. C2. Osplet. Lake Murray Osprey Platform, Lake Murray, South Carolina. Middle chick of Lucy and Ricky. 15 May 2023. Cause of Death: Predation by GHO.

39. Pale Male. Red-tail Hawk who notoriously nested on the most expensive real estate in Central Park, New York City. 17 May 2023. Cause of Death: Severe Renal Failure due to old age. Pale Male is included in this memorial listing of streaming cam raptors because he is almost single-handedly responsible for the conservation and love of RTHs in the US and, in particular, the urban raptors of NYC. He was a remarkable bird living 33 years.

40. Mini-Bob. Osprey. Manton Bay, Rutland Osprey Platform. UK. Parents are Maya and Blue 33. Mini-Bob, the fourth hatch, was coming out of its shell on the 18th of May when a large fish came to the nest. It knocked all of the osplets and sent the shell of hatch 4 flying. Mini-Bob was covered with the fish and Maya could not get it off. By the morning of the 19th, Mini-Bob was weak. Later, Maya was seen spreading and tapping nesting material. Cause of Death: Accident/fish.

41. C2. Osprey. Lake Murray Osprey Platform, South Carolina. USA. 23 May 2023. Parents are Lucy (Ricky deceased). Last surviving osplet. Cause of Death: GHO. LMO tried to protect with mannequins, golf cars, music and strobe lights but, the female did not go into the nest with C2 on the 23rd of May. It stood up and the GHO swooped in and took it.

42. Osplet. Third Hatch, Dahlgren Ospreys. May 26 2023. Cause of death: Harriet is seen moving a large piece of shell to the side. Unfortunately, the baby was scooped up with the shell and was dropped onto a piece of roofing felt that was on the nest. The baby stayed at that same spot for hours. At 05:30 Harriet consumed the body of baby #3. Hypothermia.

43. Penny. Adult Osprey. Mate of 18 year old Miila. Patlamo Finland Osprey Platform. Went missing 27 May. Presumed dead. Cause: Unknown.

44. Little Bob. Severna Osprey Platform, Severna Park Highschool, Severna, Maryland. USA. 28 May 2023. Cause of Death: Siblicide. The three chicks got along relatively well until the oldest got in the Reptilian State. It was unmerciful in its brutality to the Little One who often had only a few bites of fish regardless if 7 were delivered to the nest.

45. Little Bob. Osplet. Western Maryland Shores Old Town Osprey nest between the 29-30th May. Cause: siblicide/starvation/parental neglect. Hatched 14 May 2023. 15 days old at the time of its death.

46. C3. Osplet. Carthage TN. 30 May 2023. 6 days old. Hatched 24 May 2023. Cause: Appears to be fishing line and a tiny hook used for small trout. Lake tells fishers to cut and release. Osplet seen choking. Possible toxicity from hook (zinc).

47. Mini Bob. Osplet. Patuxent River Park Nest II, Maryland. 30 May 2023. Cause of Death: Starvation/parental neglect/trampled by three older siblings in deep egg cup.

48. Eastern Imperial Eaglet. Second Hatch. Nest of Hevel and Sarpike. 31 May 2023. Cause of Death: Initial sibling aggression sent it to rim of nest where it died of hypothermia.

49. C1 Big Bob. Osplet. Carthage TN. 31 May 2023. 9 Days Old. Hatched 22 May 2023. Cause of death: Cause: Appears to be fishing line and a tiny hook used for small trout. Lake tells fishers to cut and release. Osplet seen choking. Possible toxicity from hook (zinc).

50. Eyas. Peregrine Falcon. University of Montreal Falcon Scrape, Canada. 1 June 2023. Cause of Death: unknown.

51. Osplet. Third hatch (hatched on 1 June). Llyn Brenig, Wales. 3 June 2023. Cause of Death: Starvation. Death coincided with the male having a leg injury and being unable to deliver fish for a few days.

52. Eastern Imperial Eaglet. First Hatch. Nest of Hevel and Sarpike in Russia. 3 June 2023. Cause of Death: Starvation. Lack of small mammals in the area due to changing in farming needs to be considered.

53. Adult Bald Eagle. A59. 23 years old. Male at the Duke Farms Bald Eagle Nest. Last seen on the 19th of May.

54. Osplet. Third hatch. Patuxent River Park I nest, Maryland. USA. 6 June 2023. Chick had been removed from nest due to sibling aggression and lack of food and placed in foster nest. Cause: Unknown.

54A. ‘Clipper’. Osplet. Golden Gate Audubon Whitley Crane Osprey nest at the Richmond Shipping Yards. Second egg hatch. Lived from 2 June-6 June 2023. Cause of Death: Unknown. [Image by Lucille Powell on FB]

55. Eaglet. Alo, 45D, from the Bald Canyon Nest on the Channel Islands. USA. 7 June 2023. Cause of Death: Zinc Toxicity from a fishing hook caught in the GI tract. Mitigating circumstances make this human-caused.

56. Osplet. “Clipper” from the SF Bay Whirley Crane nest of Richmond and Rosie. USA. 6 June 2023. 5 days old. Cause of Death: Unknown.

57. Osplet. University of Florida-Gainesville. USA. Parents are Talon and Stella. Date: Unknown-spring 2023. Cause: Blown off nest and died. One surviving osplet.

58. Savanna. Peregrine Falcon. Mate of Newmann. Great Spirit Bluff Scrape Box, Minnesota. 12 June 2023. Cause of Death: GHO attack. Died defending her four eyases.

59. Second Hatch. Lesser Spotted Eaglet. Nest of Anna and Andrew, Zemgate, Latvia. 12 June 2023. Cause: Siblicide. First hatch killed the second over a period of three days. Very sad.

60-61. Two Spanish Booted Eaglets. Valladolid, Spain. Eaglets were doing well and then the weather turned and both eaglets died. Cause of Death: Weather related Starvation. Spain. Photo below from 7 June. Date of Death: After the 7th of June but before the 14th.

62-64. Three Osplets. Chesapeake Bay Nest at Edgewater, Maryland of Tweedledum and Dee. All three chicks passed over a period of time with the last one dying on 12 June. The initial cause appears to inexperienced parents, lack of fish and feeding.

65-67. Three Osplets. Marsh Meadows Osprey Platform, Cananicut Island, Rhode Island, USA. They hatched on 29 May, 29 May, and 1 June. Date of Death: 7 June 2023. Cause of Death: “In talking with Dr. Rob Bierregaard, our osprey expert, the most likely cause is starvation if the male is gone or disabled or avian influenza which can be especially hard on raptors.”

68-69. Two Osplets. WDNU Studio Tower Cam Osprey Platform, South Bend, Indiana. 14 June 2023. (Leaves one surviving). Cause of Death: unclear. It had been rainy and cold before they passed.

70. Little Benjamin. Black Storklet. Fourth hatch of Karl II and Kaia in 2023 Karula National Forest Nest, Estonia. 15 June 2023. Cause of death: Brood Reduction with mitigating circumstances. There has been no rain. The herons eat the fish left in the fish basket for Karl II and Kaia by Urmas. This is the first time on this nest that Karl II has ever had to undertake a brood reduction himself.

71-72. Storklets. Nest of Black Storks, Lodz, Poland. 16 June 2023. Cause of Death: Goshawk attack knocks little ones out of the nest.

73-74. Osplets. Marder’s Ospreys. Accadonac Harbour, East Hampton, Long Island, New York. 16 June 2023. Cause of Death: TBD hopefully. One surviving osplet.

75. Third Hatch Osplet. Collins Marsh, Wisconsin. 16-17 June 2023. Hatched on the 10th of June. Smallest of the three. Cause of Death: Prevented from eating by largest. Mitigating circumstances could have been too few fish deliveries.

76. Mini. Osplet. Forsythe NWR Ospreys, Oceanville, NJ. 17 June 2023. Cause of Death: Siblicide. ‘H’ captured Mini doing its final little PS around 1330, shooting it right in Little’s face. The third hatch was unmerciful to Tiny, who lived on a few bites of fish a day for several days while starving.

77-78. Osplets. Kielder Forest Nest 8. 20 June 2023. Cause: Unknown.

79-80. Osplets. South Cape May nest of Hera and Zeus. 22-23 June 2023. Cause: Starvation due to an extreme weather event. Chicks did not get food for over 60 hours. Ages on the 22nd were: 7, 6, and 4 days old.

81. Little. Osplet. Barnegat Light nest of Duke and Daisy, NJ. 22-23 June 2023. Cause: Starvation due to an extreme weather event. Chicks did not get food for over 60 hours. 19 days old.

82. Mini. Osplet. Forsythe Osprey Nest of Oscar and Opal. 22-23 June 2023. Cause: Starvation due to an extreme weather event. Chicks did not get food for over 60 hours.

83. Mini 4. Goshawk. Loch Garten RSPB Goshawk Nest, UK. 22 June 2023. Adult delivered a large prey item to the nest. Cause of Death: The eldest goshawk immediately attacked Little Mini 4th hatch and killed it. The others pretended not to be there.

84-85. Black Storklets. Parents are Notek and Nutty. Noteka Forest, Poland. 22-23 June 2023. Cause of Death: Predation by goshawk.

86. Little Bob. Osplet. Forsythe Osprey Nest of Oscar and Opal. 23 June 2023. Cause: Starvation due to an extreme weather event. Chicks did not get food for over 60 hours. Younger sibling died on the 22nd leaving Owen and Ollie.

87. Middle. Osplet. Barnegat Light, NJ nest of Duke and Daisy. 24 June 2023. Cause of death and mitigating circumstances: Duke went missing in an extreme weather event. Chicks did not have food for more than 60 hours. Big became aggressive towards Middle. Despite there being fish on Saturday morning and enough for Middle, Middle was already shutting down and could not eat.

88. Tiuku. Female. Osprey. Finnish Osprey Foundation Nest #3. Leaves behind a mate and three osplets as nestlings. 22-23 June 2023. The male brings fish to the nest but does not feed the three surviving chicks. Cause of Death: Unknown but believed to be a goshawk attack.

89. Little Bob. Osprey. Finnish Osprey Foundation Nest #3. 24 June 2023. Cause of death: Starvation with mitigating circumstances. Mum disappeared and presumed dead. Dad left stacks of fish but chicks too young to self-feed. FOF went to rescue the chicks. Two taken into care.

90. Little. Osplet. Twin Cities Metro/MN Landscape Arboretum Nest. 24 June 2023. Cause of death: exposure/starvation due to lack of a proper nest cup.

91. Osplet. Bellville Ohio Osprey Platform. 24 June 2023. Both of the healthy chicks were on the nest Friday evening and then one disappeared Saturday morning. Cause of death believed to be predation by other raptor.

92. Osplet. Belleville Ohio osprey Platform. USA. 25 June 2023. One of two healthy chicks hatched. Sibling disappeared day prior. Cause of death believed to be predation by other raptor.

93. Big. Osplet. Twin Cities Metro/MN Landscape Arboretum Nest. 25-26 June 2023. Cause of death: exposure/starvation due to lack of a proper nest cup.

94. Little. Osplet. Bridges Golf Course Ospreys, Long Island, NY. 26 June 2023. Cause of Death: Siblicide. Mitigating circumstances: A lack of good prey habitat.

95. Alice P58. Fledgling Peregrine Falcon. Great Spirit Bluff Scrape. Daughter of deceased Savanna and Newman. Was killed in an owl attack on 22 June.

96-98. Three Osplets. Ages 37, 36, and 34 days old. Moraine State Park. 0135 on 30 June 2023. Cause of Death: Killed by GHO.

99. Osplet. Snow Lane nest of Hope and Beau, Newfoundland Power. 3 July 2023. Cause of Death: Maternal Neglect. The chicks are rarely fed unless they can make it to the female and this one was on its back for more than three hours and then appeared injured or sick from exposure. Female did not brood. Not fed and stuck in mud.

100. Osplet. Border nest of Samson and Juno, Scotland. 3 July 2023. 1030. Cause of Death: Siblicide with mitigating circumstances. Samson was for an unknown reason unable to deliver fish for an extended period of time. Chick was 4 weeks old when it succumb to starvation due to siblicide.

101. Ti-Pou. Peregrine falcon eyas. 37 days old. Faucons de l’UdeMontreal, Canada. 4 July 2023. Ti-Pou was the only surviving chick out of four eggs. Two eggs DNH and one sibling died of fly infestation. It was noted that he might have had a wing issue. Cause of Death: He fell and died.

102. Third Hatch. Osplet. Janakkalan Osprey Nest, Finland. 4 July 2023. Cause of Death: siblicide. The weather had been cold and wet and fish deliveries were slow. The chick might have gotten sick and grown weaker but its two big siblings did not allow it to eat.

103. Tuffy2. Red Tail Hawk Fledgling. Nest of Bald Eagles in Redding, California. 4 July 2023. Hawklet was brought in for food for the Bald Eagle’s chicks. One of the RT hawklet survived and was named Tuffy 2. It thrived on the nest with the eaglet and then after its fledge the Bald Eagle adults began to attack the chick. Cause of Death: Unknown but injuries (wing injury caused by adult eagle) from the eagles and starvation are good candidates.

105. Osplet. Snow Lane nest of Hope and Beau, Newfoundland Power. 5 July 2023. Cause of Death: Maternal Neglect. The chicks are rarely fed unless they can make it to the female and this one was hit with sticks on 3 July, accidentally, and got stuck in the mud when a parent or parents walked on it. Female fed the chick occasionally as it was stuck and even tried to free the chick giving some hope that her material instincts might be improving over the years. Hope has had only one chick fledge and that was in 2019. I personally believe that she has some genetic disorder that prevents her maternal instincts from surfacing or she has mental health issues.

106. Osplet. Second Hatch. Kiedler 5A nest of Mr and Mrs UV. 8 July 2023. Cause of Death: Goshawk Predation.

107. Greenlee. Osplet. Third Hatch. Kielder 5A nest of Mr and Mrs UV. 11 July 2023. Cause of Death: Goshawk Predation.

108. Jasper. Osprey. Mate of Louise at the FortisExshaw nest near Canmore Alberta. Went missing on 7 July 2023 after delivering a large fish at 0930. Presumed dead. Cause of Death: Unknown but there are intruders in the area that have landed on the nest. Three young osplets in the nest when Jasper when missing.

109-110. Osplets. First and Second Hatch. The Wetlands Institute, Stone Harbour, New Jersey. 10 and 11 July 2023. Both chicks hatched on 28 May 2023 and were fully feathered. Cause of Death: Starvation. This nest had issues with fish deliveries due to the weather that also caused sibling rivalry.

111. Okrusezek. Black Storklet. 10 July 2023. Last surviving of the 2023 breeding season at the nest of Notek and Nutty. Noteka Forest, Poland. Cause of Death: Predation of Goshawk. Little One fought valiantly until the end. Body found at the base of the tree.

112. Little Bob. Osplet. Nest of Jasper and Louise, Fortis Exshaw. 10 July 2021. Cause of Death: Siblicide. Attacks by Big were already happening when the male, Jasper, disappeared on the 7th of July. Big kept Little form eating even when there was ample fish on the nest.

113. JK. Osplet. Nest of Jasper and Bea, Hilton Head, South Carolina. (out of order. Died on the 30 May 2023). Cause of Death: Mitigated Death. Jasper did not bring fish. Bea had to go fishing and it is believed that JK was exposed to cold and damp and possibly attacked by crows. Also starving.

114-15. Osplets. Two chicks of the Ocean City, New Jersey nest. 15-16 July 2023. Cause of Death: Starvation. It is unclear if parents are MIA or deceased. The area was hit with storms for several weeks. The two osplets were fully feathered and near to fledge.

116. Booted Eaglet Chick. Directo Natura Booted Eagle Nest, Spain. 17 July 2023. Cause of Death: Siblicide/starvation.

117. Blue 8B1. Osplet Fledgling. Son of Dylan and Seren Blue 5F at Llyn Clywedog, Wales. 18 July 2023. Cause of Death: Goshawk.

118-120. Three Osplets. Great Bay Osprey Cam. 20 June-6 July. (out of order). On 20 June two fell from nest due to starvation. One was fostered. The other broke its wing and was euthanised. Another chick died on 3 July with the last chick dying of starvation on 6 July. Cause of Death was mitigated by the storms and the lack of fish coming to the nest.

121. Sasha. Fledgling Osplet. Tweed Valley Ospreys, UK. Fledged on 14 July. Cause of Death: Predation by other raptor (probably goshawk) on 15 July 2023.

122. Blue NCO. Osprey. Loch of the Lowes Nest, Scotland. Mate of Laddie Blue LM12. Two chicks on the nest (one died) in 2023. Both had fledged when she went MIA. Last seen on Saturday, 15 July. Intruders have been troubling the nest all season.

123. Little Skipper. Osplet. 44 Days Old. Chick of Dory and Skiff at the Audubon Boathouse, Hog Island Maine. 24 July 2023. 12:20 am. Cause of Death: Predated by GHO.

124. Osplet. Second hatch of Soo and Olsen, Osoyoos, British Columbia. 31 July 2023. Fully feathered chick was killed by its older sibling after a brutal attack that began at 0532. Cause of Death: Siblicide.

One of the last images of the chick alive. Mitigating factors have been the missing female (Soo has returned) and a lack of fish at the nest due to heat and the wildfires in the area.

125-126. Jola and Derek. Black Stork Fledglings. Chicks of Skierka and Krolewicz. Poland. 1 August 2023. Cause of Death: Electrocution and starvation.

127. M2. Red-tail hawk Fledgling. Daughter of Big Red and Arthur. 1 August 2023. Cause of Death: Fatal Collision with a Building.

128. JJ. Osplet. 12 August 2023. Fortis-Exshaw Osprey Platform near Canmore, Alberta. JJ was the second hatch, a male. The nest has been hit with the tragic loss of the male, Jasper, and the third hatch. JJ hatched on the 18th of June and was known for his sweet disposition. He was 55 days old and fully feathered, nearing his time to fly for the first time. At the time of his tragic death, he had not had any fish for more than 50+ hours. Cause of death: siblicide/starvation with mitigating factors.

129. Lorelei. Peregrine Falcon Fledgling. 13 August 2023. Don Mills, Ontario. Cause of Death: Window Collission/Broken Neck.

130. Quest. Peregrine Falcon. Mate of Canuck. Don Mills, Ontario. Canadian Peregrine Falcons. 22 August 2023. Cause of Death: Catastrophic Accident that resulted in falcon being euthanised.

131. CK7. Osprey. 18 August 2023. COD: Unknown. CK7 was an eleven-year-old osprey from Tweed Valley who died in Wales. His tracker indicated that he had stopped. The search in difficult terrain has not revealed the corpse, but people will continue to search. Our hearts go out to Di Bennett and the team at Tweed Valley. CK7 had been in the wildlife hospital at St Mary’s Loch where he was released on the 10th of August. Everything looked perfect, and it appeared that he had set off on his migration. Then something strange happened, and he reverted course and headed to Wales. His tracker indicated a stationary position on the 18th of August.

132. Chickadee. Osplet (third hatch). 3 September 2023. 43 days old. Osprey House Australia. COD: Siblicide.

133. Rosie. Opsrey. Mate of Hutch. Rosie had been breeding on the light stand at the Industry Group Stadium in Brisbane for six years. 18 September 2023. COD: Rosie was found emaciated and was taken to the Taronga Park Zoo where she subsequently died.

134. Third Hatch. Osplet. Industry Group Stadium Osprey family, Brisbane, Australia. 18 September2023. COD: starvation. Mitigating circumstances were the female disappeared and was found emaciated and taken to Taronga Park Zoo where she died. Osplet hatched on 25 July 2023.