E17 and E18 are home in the nest…and their parent is there with them!

This is a very quick posting. CROW returned the little eaglets to their nest about five hours ago. It is 24 degrees C in Fort Myers. The eaglets were fed well before their return as it was unknown when the parents would arrive, if they would, and if they would accept the little ones. I am so happy to report that within the last twenty minutes, all is well in the SouthWest Florida Eagle nest on the property of Dick Pritchett. Oh, my. What wonderful news!

E17, the largest of the pair, was busy looking out at the traffic when the parent landed on the nest. But, little E18 walked and crawled over to its mom right away!

E18 was so happy to get in the protective shade.

It wasn’t long until E17 joined its little brother in the comforting curve of their parent.

This is just the best news. Tears still flowing down my cheeks.

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