A very sad day in Estonia

Last night I took pictures of Eve and Eerik and EE1 and EE2 as the sun was setting. It was nearly 10:30 pm and the sun would rise again in Estonia around 4:30am.

EE1 has eaten its fill and now it is time for EE2.

Their last meal of fish comes at 22:02 as the sun is setting.

Look at the breast feathers of Eve. She has so many to keep her warm. You can see the nest cup and how she straddles it to brood EE1 and EE2.

The sun is setting in Estonia. The last meal that the eaglets had was at 22:02.

Eve wakes up with the sun and needs a relaxation break. She looks around for intruders before she leaves the nest. Wonder where Eerik is?

EE2 would like some breakfish!

Eve needs a break for returning to the nest for breakfast. The day starts early in Estonia.

Little EE2 looking around at the world as EE1 sleeps.

The sun is rising in Estonia. It is 4:04 am. Eve has gone off for a break. Little EE2 watches her as she returns to the nest.

Eerik flies in with some fresh straw for the nest. You can see the fish ready for breakfast.

And then something happens.

Around 11:20, EE2 dies. It is unknown what happened. Eerik begins to cover its little body in the centre of the nest.

Eve understands what has happened to her little one.

Everyone is thinking about this beautiful White-tailed Eagle family. It is not know if a toxin in the food or some disease. It is also very hot in Estonia – 26 degrees C.

We are all hoping that EE1 will survive. Eve and Eerik have done all they can as eagle parents. Our thoughts go out to them and the people of Estonia.

Eve mourned her baby as long as she could.

Eve looks down at her surviving baby EE1 and she is getting ready to feed it. Life goes on. Eagles cannot stop to mourn their dead for a long time. Eve will spend many minutes looking down to the nest where EE2 lies processing what has happened.

Eve feeds EE1. EE1 has been sleeping and is now eating. Let us all hope that this little eaglet stays safe and thrives.

What a very sad day for this remarkable family. Eve and Eerik were incredible parents. Thoughts go out to them and to the people of Estonia and this historic White-tail Eagle nest in Matsalu National Park.

Thank you to the Eagle Club of Estonia. I took these screen shots off their streaming cam.

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