Tiny Tot defends nest against adult intruder

There they were – two adults on the nest with Tiny Tot but one of them was not his parent. The parent flew off and left Tiny with the intruder – or that is how it looked to me. I filmed the entire 42 minutes but the file was too big to post here. So this will give you a taste of what happened.

It was 4:28 when Tiny Tot’s dad, Jack, fully dispensed with the adult intruder. Tiny was extremely fortunate that his feathers were not torn and ruined but he was gallant and put up a great fight against a bird much larger than him. Tiny Tot is really learning some ‘world’ lessons before he leaves the nest.

There is Tiny trying to get the intruder off the nest! Tiny is the one in the middle of the nest. You can see, even with the camera angle, how much larger the adult is than Tiny.

Tiny Tot is going to deserve one big fish tonight!

And in other news, Fauci fledged. He flew over to the Evans Building. Here is a short clip of Annie and Grinnell’s little one after his first flight. It is about 100 metres from the nest.

Thank you so much for joining me. It is so nice that so many people appreciate the raptors!

Thank you to the Achieva Credit Union and the UC Falcon Cam where I grab my screen shots.

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