Albino Osprey Chick at Urdaibai Biosphere dies

Everyone knew it would be a stretch for the little albino osprey chick of Ladna and Roy at the Urdaibai Biosphere to survive if it fledged. The wee one named Zuri hatched on 2 June and did have some fish on 3 June. Immediately concerns were raised as to whether or not the little albino could see or hear. They say it was one in a million chance to have an albino chick.

Sadly, the wee one has passed. It appeared to still be alive but then no life seen at 22:20. Observers are also worried about one of the other chicks who appears to have an eye infection.

Fly high, little one!

Take care everyone. Let us send warm wishes to Roy and Landa that their second osplet does not succomb.

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