Ystwyth Fledges and a shout out to those who helped the Patuxent Osprey chick

Yesterday was quite an anxious day with people all over the world staying up to see if the little osprey chick was saved at the Patuxent River Nest 2. In the flurry of the moment, a few people were not thanked who need to be. The first is Burky4 from the Achieva Osprey chat group. Indeed, Burky4 was the first person to mention that there were only two chicks in the nest in the nest in the Patuxent chat room. So this is a huge shout out to Burky4. Thank you! I will not know the names of everyone and I apologize – but another shout out to S Shen who then in her own words, “found the number of Tom O’Connell, director of the USGS Eastern Ecological Science Center (EESC). His business number went to voice mail which INCLUDED his cell!! Yay. I was able to text him and he gave the phone numbers for the 24 hour a day Natural Resources Emergency or Assistance.” S Shen says that another individual to be credited is Barnegat Light. I also want to thank Linda Kontol who got busy phoning numbers as well to try and get anyone’s attention after hours. I also want to thank the young man on the Wildlife Emergency Services Line again who got in touch with the Fish & Game people. It was a grand team effort and this chick might not be alive this morning were it not for the efforts of these wonderful citizen birders and government officials who worked to save this little one. And to everyone that was inadvertently missed, thank you! Tom O’Connell will be posting information on the actual individuals who went to the site this coming week.

The ‘silo’ chick is the one that went into the water, the last foster chick to be put in this nest. It is the one in duckling mode. The chick has moved but has not moved a lot. It has had a lot of excitement. Let us hope that there is no damage from either of its falls.

Every day people watching nest cams move into action when they see an animal in distress.

S Shen reminds me again how important it is to have emergency numbers readily available. She said that several years ago she noticed a chick in a Lake Barkley, Kentucky nest entangled in fishing line. There was no chat room so she went to the nest’s FB page and remembered the name of one of the chatters who said they lived close to the nest. She tracked down their phone number and called them. That person, ER, managed to get someone up to the nest and the chick was saved.

I remember that my mother had a list of emergency phone numbers for everyone helping her just in case it was needed. It was on her fridge. Here are three suggestions and I am certain everyone reading this will have more. The first is if there is a chat room associated with a nest that it have a moderator 24/7 (these are volunteers) who have emergency numbers to call the instant something happens. The second is for anyone administering a streaming cam that the local emergency wildlife numbers appear right under the name of the nest so people can locate them quickly. And the third is for everyone who watches a nest to begin to gather their own emergency numbers to call for each nest and make their emergency list for their fridge, phone, etc.

In other Osprey news, if you missed it Tiny Little of the Foulshaw Moss fledged yesterday at 20:19:57. He slept alone on the nest duckling style last night and was up early looking around. It is just a beautiful morning in Cumbria as the sun slowly rises the mist gives way to a pink hue over the landscape.

Tiny Little was doing a lot of flapping and looking. I wonder if he realizes that he actually flew yesterday?

Monty and Glesni have a grandchick. Oh, they would be so proud. Four of their chicks are now breeding. Yesterday on the Pont Croesor Nest in the Glaslyn Valley, the Only Bob of Monty and Glesni’s son, Z2 Aeron, and Blue 014 was ringed!

Blue 494 is also the first chick to hatch in this nest so there are a lot of congratulations and happiness going around. The PC nest was controversial when it was positioned where it is. Many thought it too close to the Glaslyn Nest of Aran and Mrs G. Only time will tell how this works out. For 2021, Blue 494 is also the only chick to hatch at Glaslyn with the three little ones of Aran and Mrs G dying due to the circumstances surround the storm at the end of May and Aran’s injury.

And congratulations to Idris and Telyn on Ystwyth’s fledge today! Both of their 2021 chicks have now fledged. Well done.

Doesn’t that empty nest look nice? Ystwyth is 54 days old.

She is investigating the area around the cameras.

I have some great pictures of the Ks to share with you. I will get them organized this evening. For now there is a lot of happiness to go around. Once again thank you to all of those individuals who helped save the ‘silo chick’ at Patuxent.

Thank you for joining me this morning. It is another scorcher on the Canadian prairies. There is rumour of some showers but like everywhere else in Canada we could use some rain and the birds in my garden are probably wanting their bowls and baths to be filled.

Thank you to the following streaming cams where I took my screen shots: Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn Wildlife video on the ringing on their FB page, Dyfi Osprey Cam, Cumbrian Wildlife Trust and the Foulshaw Moss Osprey Cam, and the Patuxent River Park Osprey Cam Nest 2.


  1. Mail! says:

    Thank you for mentioning me MaryAnn Steggles. It was after hours and hard to get anyone at the wildlife or rescue centers i Maryland but I tried.  I tried to find them on Facebook and finally did later last night.  But I did post on Twitter and joined Patuxent River on there and I posted on Patuxent River and joined them on Instagram.  I also send messages to you and my moderator  Sharon  and sent messages to the photographer who takes the photos for Instagram.  I called the phone number of the rescue and talked to a lady and she was already aware of it but didn’t know at that time who was going to try to rescue or when.  I don’t want any credit because I only tried but Burky4 was the one who had seen the chick missing and S Shen got in touch with the right person.  I wish we could thank k the man and woman who came in the boat and saved the little chick.  I sure hope he / she is ok .  I think Mr Tom O’Connell is going to let us know he said when he finds out. I’m so thankful 🙏 and pray the chick don’t get to close to the edge again. Some of the sticks are not secure and wobbly there on the nests. Congratulations to the Dyfi chick who fledged this morning!  Tiny Little looks so cute in the photo sitting up in the nest this morning!  Prayers for the heatwave to hurry and go away. 🙏 Thanks Mary Ann and have a good day! Linda 

    Sent from AT&T Yahoo Mail for iPad

    1. You are so welcome, Linda. I know that there are people that were regulars on the Achieva chat whose names I don’t know. But, isn’t it wonderful how much ‘watchers’ do for these birds and nests! I understand that there will be a posting thanking the people who rescued the chick. I do hope that it is OK – it is not moving about much or wasn’t when I was looking but — that little one has been through a lot of stress. Wishes and prayers that it is fine, just a little stunned.

      1. Linda Kontol says:

        Thanks Mary Ann! Your so good at all of this keeping up with the nests everyday and sending the newsletters out ! I look forward to them and find myself looking for them all day long!
        Have a great evening and a good weekend as well Linda

  2. Salliane says:

    Hi Mary
    I have the names of the rescuers, assistants that work for Greg Kearns at the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission. Their names are Katherine Dami and her boyfriend Max Kinsey-Kerr.
    this a text sent to me this morning from Tom O’Connell.
    I see your site is is https
    So I am forwarding this email address for anyone interested in thanking them.
    I don’t want to put any personal info such as email addresses/personal phone numbers/et al on chat rooms


    1. Thank you Salliane. I will work up a thank you to them later tonight and post it. —— I don’t think anyone should ever put their own personal information in the chats or on FB. It is much safer. I still wish that each chat room had a 24/7 moderator that had emergency numbers or they would post emergency numbers on the streaming cam site so that everyone find them easily. Thank you again for all your efforts.

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