Late Monday 19 July in Bird World

When every fledgling is hungry and Mum brings in a fish:

This is currently the state at the Foulshaw Moss Osprey nest where the three fledglings are waiting on the nest for a fish drop and each one of them is food begging. Tiny Little has lost out today so let us hope that Blue 35 shows up and feeds him. The birds do not need to eat every day – a lesson that they will have to learn.

I have watched and watched but was away for a couple of hours. It is unclear if Tiny Little had any fish today. At 22:00 one of the big siblings was on the nest eating. At first Tiny Little food called to Mum but then he laid down like his cute duckling self and didn’t continue. The big sibling ate the entire fish, flew off, and then Blue 35 left also.

Nite Nite Tiny Little. Have some sweet fishy dreams – and if you are hungry tomorrow, let everyone know it.

The film, Brave New Wilderness, is only showing in New Zealand on Vimeo right now. It is about the recovery efforts going on for the Kakapo and the Takahe. Watch for when it will be released worldwide on Vimeo. Here is that trailer:

There are now only 202 Kakapo in the world. Kakapo parrots that cannot fly. They are loners. They rarely interact with one another. The only time that they come out of their ‘own space’ is during the summer and fall breeding season or you might find 2 to 4 gathered at a food dispenser on the island. Kakapo will only breed if there is lots of food and that food must be Rimu fruit. It is sometimes called Bush Tucker and is a group of Indigenous foods that grow wild.

“Ripe rimu fruit” by Department of Conservation is licensed under CC BY 2.0

This is Sinbad and he has been fitted with a very special transmitter by the Kakapo Recovery. This transmitter will not only will give Sinbad’s GPS but will also tell the researchers and staff of the recovery if Sinbad has mated.

Because of their solitary nature the Kakapo have to be fitted with transmitters so that they can get their health checks. It has made a huge difference in the population as any ill birds can be sent out for wildlife veterinary assistance.

Some people thought it was funny but right now it is such an effort to feed four people that Laddie, LM 12, losing a fish over the side of the nest on a delivery at 17:05 feels rather tragic. I know that Tiny Little would have liked to have been under that nest to catch that fish!

The storkling that fledged is back up on the nest with her other siblings. So everything is fine in Mlade Buky with the White Storks. Good news. So happy when the fledglings don’t get themselves into a spot of mischief.

It’s 5:54 at the Patuxent Osprey Nest 2 and Mom has a fish and there are three hungry chicks. The chick that fell into the water is doing fine. What a relief to have that little one back on the nest! One of the rescuers told my reader ‘L’ that they were fortunate because it was still low tide when they went to find the baby. Everyone is still so grateful!

I have to admit to almost having a mini-meltdown. One of the chicks was so well hidden behind mum that it looked like this nest had lost another one overboard. Thank goodness it was just the angle of the camera!

That is a short round up today. All of the UK Osprey nests are doing great. The fledglings are all flying and getting stronger save for our little one, Tiny Little. Her confidence is growing and no doubt by this time next week we will be wishing she was back being a duckling on the nest.

Thank you so much for joining me. So happy that you enjoy the birds! It is lovely to have you with us.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams where I get my screen shots: Mlade Buky White Stork Cam, Scottish Wildlife Trust and Friends of Loch of the Lowes, Cumbria Wildlife Trust and Foulshaw Moss Osprey Nest, and the Patuxent Park Osprey Nest 2 as well as the Kakapo Recovery FB Page and SF Bay Ospreys and Golden Gate Audubon for their video.


  1. Salliane says:

    Hi Mary
    Do you know what is happening at the Collin Marsh nest? I just found it today and there is only one chick with 2 parents.

    I scrolled back and there was only 1 feed so far and the chick looks thin.


    1. Hi Salliane, It isn’t a nest that I have checked on. I did go online, after your message, to check it. You are right -that baby does look a little thin. It is moving from the reptile stage to getting its juvenile feathers and sometimes they look ‘lanky’ like tall teenagers. But, sadly, I don’t know if that is from lack of food if the father is not delivering food or is it hot and the fish are only in the shallow water earlier and later in the day, etc. I wish I could help. That said, I will do a bit of digging. Salliane, it is so nice to see those three chicks in the nest at Pateaux 2. For a second today, I could not see one behind Mum when she was feeding and I almost had a panic attack. When its little head popped up, what. relief.

    2. I found the answer on the Neustadter Nature Centre FB page: “We are sad to say we lost two of the three osprey chicks.
      The small one died on Monday the 28th and was just gone from the nest.
      The second chick, a large and seemingly healthy one, died on Wednesday the 14th.
      We don’t know why either died.
      We hope to see the remaining one to fledging and beyond.
      The last 3 years we have hatched 3 osprey chicks and have seen 2 survive all those years.”

  2. Mail! says:

    Thank you Mary Ann for all the updates and photos. I really wish Tiny Little would have gotten some of that fish.  Hopefully tomorrow he will get a whole fish to himself!  Sweet dreams Tiny Little 😴The Kakapo Sinbad is such a handsome one!  So glad he got the transmitter so they can keep track of him too! I hope one of them retrieved the fish that went over the side at Laddie and LM12 ‘s nest!  That would have been a good catch had Tiny Little been under there!   Lol Thank goodness the stork mad it back to the nest ok too! I couldn’t find the third osprey chick either on the nest and after looking a long time I saw it’s head peeping out on the other side of Mom!  It was sure hidden and I’m so glad it wasn’t missing again! 🙏 Thanks Mary Ann and have a great evening! Linda

    Sent from AT&T Yahoo Mail for iPad

    1. Hi Linda. Oh, thank you. I am so glad you enjoy the news. You watched Tiny Tot (Tumbles). And if you close your eyes you will remember her running all over the edge of that nest to get to that fish. After fighting off those intruders, Tiny Tot would not take anything off the other siblings. Tiny Little worries me a bit. It is really a nasty world out there for these birds. I sure hope she gets to fly more and more – and yes, gets some of that fish. It seems like Tiny Little didn’t care that much so maybe she had food when we weren’t looking! Ah, but to lose a fish. Sad. They won’t get it off the ground normally. S Shen just wrote about the Collin Marsh Osprey Nest. Do you know it? I don’t. She wonders about it having only one chick and feels that chick is thin. I have not watched that nest so have no background. Maybe you do?

      1. I found the answer to my question on the Neustadter Nature Center FB Page. “We are sad to say we lost two of the three osprey chicks.
        The small one died on Monday the 28th and was just gone from the nest.
        The second chick, a large and seemingly healthy one, died on Wednesday the 14th.
        We don’t know why either died.
        We hope to see the remaining one to fledging and beyond.
        The last 3 years we have hatched 3 osprey chicks and have seen 2 survive all those years.”

  3. Salliane says:

    Hi Mary
    I saw your post on the Collins Marsh facebook.

    I just want to update you that the mom has not returned to the nest. As of 230am (wisconsin time) the mom is not back, leaving the chick to the elements. I hope it makes it through the night and the mom returns in the morning with fish.

    I hope there is someone who can figure out what to do as the other two chicks have died. I have read Wisconsin lists the osprey on the endangered species list.
    Yes, nature does need to take its course but I feel this nest should be an exception.

    Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated 🙂


    1. Hi Sallianne. I just rewound the tape at Collins Marsh and I see that the chick was fed. That is the good news. Sadly, I do not know anything about the Neustadter Nature Center. If you remember the BE nest of Harriet and M15 is on D Pritchett’s land and they went into high gear, as my mother would say, to get help for 17 and 18 when they got conjunctivitis. And they got it. It depends on the will and the number of connections and I am going to say political pull. The US Wildlife Services etc have archaic laws that might even prevent someone from putting up a fish table to help the birds ——- if the will was there. It is a very sad thing. I would go to the Fish & Game office near to that nest and ask them directly if they would provide any help in this instance.

    2. Hi Sallianne. I just checked and there is a heat warning for the next two days at the Collins Marsh Reservoir. I note that the mother doesn’t even shade the little one. Remember Electra? This feels like what happened on that nest and I haven’t even been watching this nest.

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