Arnold and Amelia Reunited!

The day in Bird World just got better. The Cape Wildlife Center in Barnstable, MA have released Arnold so he can rejoin his mate Amelia.

You may recall that Arnold, a Canada Goose, suffered an injury to his foot. It was probably caused by a Snapping Turtle. The wound was cleaned and Arnold had an operation to repair the damage. He had to stay in rehab. Amelia came up and waited for Arnold by the porch every day. Eventually the couple could share a meal. Then when Arnold was well enough, Amelia could join him in the outside play pen. Well, today, Arnold got the green light and was released into the loving care of his long term mate, Amelia.

Three cheers for the Cape Wildlife Centre!

To see their full story Tune in to On The Road With Steve Hartman tomorrow on CBS Evening News at 6:30!

Thank you to the staff of the Cape Wildlife Centre for their great care of Arnold. It is heart – warming! And thank you for sharing the images of their reuniting with all of us on the Cape Wildlife Centre FB Page.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Oh Mary Ann Steggles thank you so very much for this great news! I’m so happy to hear this! Love Arnold and Amelia. Thanks to the Cape Wildlife Center for helping Arnold!

    1. It is just one of those warm fuzzy stories that we all need. So grateful to the insights and care by the Cape Wildlife Centre.

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