It’s official – the Collins Marsh osprey chick is Malin!

I want to thank ‘S’ and ‘L’ for really wanting the little osprey chick on the Collins Marsh nest to have a name. Long before the Nature Centre announced its contest to name the chick, we were calling that little one, Malin. It means mightly little warrior and he was ‘mighty little’ then. Since then the heat in that area of Wisconsin has dissipated and Malin has been getting a few more feedings. It is a marsh and the fish are smaller than what you see coming out of the lochs in Scotland. Today, Collins, the male, landed a nice one and it took Malin over half an hour to finish eating. There was even some left. Malin went to sleep with a full tummy and that is a wonderful thing.

Malin loves to sit with his face into the sun getting warm but also doing what appear to be his yoga exercises!

Recently Malin has really been exercising his wings. This will help them get strong. Indeed, the extra fish has given this one some added energy.

Malin’s parents are Collins and Marsha. This is their third or fourth year raising chicks on this nest on top of a wild fire tower that was brought to the centre so visitors can see the beautiful marshlands. The nest is on top of the observation area, 120 feet off the ground.

Malin was beginning to grow in the middle of July – slowly. Wisconsin was hit with a drought and then the rains came but also more hot. The last few days have been cooler.

Everyone worried if there would be feather issues and Malin might not be able to fly but all of the aunties and uncles have watched closely along with the local rehabber and we are delighted to report that those feathers are looking good.

Malin is a mighty little warrior. He is the only surviving chick on the nest at Collins Marsh. His two siblings died during the extreme heat wave. Malin is now exercising his wings and we hope that he will have plenty of time to hone his skills and get some fat on his body before migration begins.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a name for the contest and thank you to everyone who voted – no matter what name it was. It is wonderful to see so many people interested in this lovely little Osprey. Let us hope that we find ways for his life to be a good one. As you can see I continue to call Malin a ‘he’. I believe he is a small male and if that is the case then he will return to this area to set up his own nest and find a mate in a couple of years. By then I hope we have figured out how to make that successful on a planet that is getting warmer.

Thanks to Collins Marsh for their streaming cam where I took my screen shots and for posting the official name contest for Malin. Thank you for joining me. It is always a pleasure to be among fellow bird lovers!


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann! So glad we got little
    Warrior Malin named now! Thanks to S Shen for coming up with his name. Thanks to you for helping too!
    He’s came a long way since last month and hopefully all will go well for him From now on! Yay Malin !

    1. Oh, I loved the name S found. She wouldn’t let me tell James to give her full credit – she insisted it was all of us. I see he simply left that out! Such a sweet little nestling. It has been really tough at times watching these nests but I hope Malin does well. He sure deserves a good chance at life.

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