And then there were 3

Port Lincoln Ospreys welcomed the third hatch at 00:57:50.

This was one of the best images. Mum moved that eggshell later. Congratulations PLO. Let us hope that since the hatches are so close together, the rivalry will be minimal and all three will get to wear an antennae!

There is other good news. Laddie, LM12 and Blue NC0’s 2021 hatch, LR2 was photographed in Trebujena, Spain by Richard Page-Jones. Fantastic. Not sure if he will stay there or continue on to Africa. Well done Loch of the Lowes!

Three other interesting tidbits this morning. A study in Canada has revealed that if you put colourful collars on cats, it helps protect the songbirds in your garden. I might just buy these for the neighbour’s cats that come around my feeders!!!!!!!!

There is another positive story coming out of my province, Manitoba. The Burrowing Owl Recovery Project has discovered the only known nest – a first for so many years – with two adults and six owlets. Well done.

This morning’s newsletter is short but it is packed with positives. Head over to the Port Lincoln Osprey streaming cam later today to check on that new hatch if you have time. Here is the link:

I am cautiously optimistic about the PLO this year since the hatch times are so close together.

Thank you for checking in. Have a great day.

Thanks to the PLO Project for their streaming cam where I took my screen shots.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann! A great and positive newsletter indeed! Congratulations to the Port Lincoln Ospreys! Hope they are all close enough together and get fed well so the sibling rivalry isn’t even there or to a nominal 🙏💕💕💕 Thanks for the link! Glad to hear about Lock of The Lowe’s group and the burrowing owls.
    That is very nice of you to buy the neighbors cars colorful collars. I also need to do the neighbors across our street cat one too. 😂 Lol
    Looking forward to the next newsletter!

    1. Linda, our City has a by-law. Cats have to be kept inside licensed. Since they made the law there are more cats outside trying to eat the birds. I thought a collar might give them a hint. The issue is a complicated one. ——I do hope that PLO has a nice calm year. I just checked on the babies. You cannot tell the last hatch from one of the others. Someone told me that the 2nd hatch is the biggest but I cannot confirm that.

  2. Salliane says:

    Thanks for the update on the Os 🙂

    Good idea about putting colorful collars but a better idea is to keep the cats indoors and have them fixed LOL. This opinion is a far reach, but just an idea about keeping them indoors and fixted to prevent breeding.

    Love those burrowing owls 🙂

    1. I totally agree with you – indoors and fixed! Our City has a by-law that cats must be licensed and kept inside. You would think the people in my neighbourhood cannot hear or read! It makes me really upset as we are constantly running out and chasing them down the back lane. Crazy.

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