Port Lincoln Osprey check in

The Port Lincoln Osplets had a good fish day yesterday and I am expecting the same once Dad moves off the ropes and goes fishing.

After I finished my blog yesterday another fish landed on the nest at 12:47. It was a nice one and everyone of the osplets had a really good feed.

Can you tell which is which? From left to right: Middle, Little, and Big Bob. Middle and Big have more peach on the back of their head and neck and those feathers are slightly longer than Little’s (yesterday).

As is the tradition, Little Bob ate first with Big and Middle waiting their turns.

Last evening Dad delivered a fish at 18:41:15. The kids were sleeping and despite waking and having a look at a fish that close, they were not interested but Mum was. She ate and then Dad took the rest and was eating it on the ropes at 19:10:02.

It’s a new day. Mom has been fish calling and I presume that once Dad gets tired of listening, he will fly off and bring in breakfast.

Everyone is waiting patiently. One of the things I have noticed is that despite the books saying the chicks get interested in what is happening off the nest at four weeks, Middle Bob has certainly been doing some looking around.

There is he is looking off while Little and Big wait for the delivery that Mom believes is coming.

Fingers crossed. I will update your later but for now, everyone is behaving themselves.

A new book just arrived. It is my much anticipated Chris Packham, Back to nature. How to love life – and save it. Will give you a synopsis when I have finished it.

Thank you so much for joining me. Take care everyone!

Thank you to the Port Lincoln Osprey Project for their streaming cam where I took my screen shots.

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