Hatch at 367 Collins Street!

Mum was very restless around 04:00 on the 30th of September in Melbourne. She could hear her babies – and, in particular, she must have know that one of them was about ready to hatch.

That hatch came at 8:36:03!

Look at that little pink eyas covered with soft white down coming into the world.

Mom has dutifully removed the shell and is keeping the wee one warm. Wonder how many more will hatch today?

Look at Mum. She is glowing, not grumpy looking1. One baby has arrived safe. Three more to go.

Peregrine Falcons do a delayed incubation. This means that while they spend some time incubating the eggs that are laid, they do not go into a hard 24/7 style of keeping the eggs warm until the final one is laid. This way they hatch closer together and there is less cause for rivalry. In 2020, all three girls hatched within six hours.

Dad: start stocking up on pigeons!

I couldn’t wait to tell you.

You can watch all of the excitement here:

Oh, it is eggciting. I just love this peregrine falcon family.

Take care everyone. Thanks for checking in!

And thanks to 367 Collins Street by Mirvac for their streaming cam where I took these screen shots.

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