Gold Star for PLO Dad!

I couldn’t wait to tell you!

The winds were blowing between 40 and 50 kph but the Dad at the Port Lincoln Osprey barge did what everyone thought was impossible. He went out in that storm and brought a fish in for his family. It arrived on the nest at 8:37:58.

The weather was so bad. Mom is wet and trying so hard to keep those babies dry.

It is simply unbelievable that Dad was able to go out in that weather and bring this nice fish in for the family. Tears of joy that the kids had breakfast. So happy!

Everyone ate. I hope that Mom got some too.

The kids behaved themselves, too. Brilliant!

Mom has them all tucked in again. So breakfast arrived earlier than some days. Maybe there will be other deliveries!

Compared to last year this is like an entirely different nest. These parents are working so well together for everyone in the family. Now that I have seen this I can believe that Dad can do anything. Gold stars today! Lots of them.

Oh, it is a great day. Thanks for stopping by for the good news.

Thank you to the Port Lincoln Osprey Project for their streaming cam where I took these screen shots.


  1. Salliane says:

    Maybe some pairs need time to develop a synergy…

    1. You could be 100% correct on that! I actually started wondering if there was a new male. Last year so many of us just screamed at Dad to get moving! But goodness, things are going so well. I about fell out of my desk chair when I saw that fish that he pulled out in those winds.

  2. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann for this great news!
    I’ll be looking forward to the next newsletter with prayers for them 🙏

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