Birds, the Environment, Cop 26

With world leaders set to meet in Glasgow for Cop26, there are plenty of individuals expressing their opinion on what needs to be done to ‘slow’ the impact of climate change. Individuals reading my blog will have seen the devastating effects that the heat surge of summer 2021 in the Pacific Northwest had on the Ospreys and Cooper’s Hawks. Many Osprey chicks died on their nest while the Cooper’s Hawks jumped out of their nests to a sure death because they didn’t want to roast to death. Luckily a few were saved by brave wildlife rehabbers and friends who removed the chicks from their nests and took them into care before the heat could kill them.

Many of you know who Roy Dennis is – the man who translocates Ospreys as well as the individual solely responsible for reintroducing the White-tailed Eagle back into the UK. Dennis, 81, is a big presence on the environmental and bird scene in Scotland and he has just been awarded the RSPB’s most prestigious metal last evening. I cannot think of a more deserving individual.

Dennis has also written his last blog on swans and what he feels – along with others – must be done to protect the land for both humans and birds. It is an excellent read. If you haven’t found his website this is a good entry point.

We can’t all be a Roy Dennis but each of us can help! It is not too late to tell your government officials what you expect they will do for our future.

I want to close today (the birds are all crackers) by giving you one of those moments of laughing til you cried – or at least as one Australia woman did when she saw my comment on the 367 Collins Street Falcon FB Page.

This was the image:

Anyone that knows me, knows that I look for falcon and osprey chicks that have some ‘fat’ on them. It shows they are getting more than enough food. To me, that eyas with his ‘necklace ps’ surely qualifies as a fat little bottom and legs!

Once I realized that there is actually a company in Australia that sells chicken legs, I was also laughing til I cried. Enjoy the joke on me. Thank you Kirsty Wain!

Have a great Sunday. I am off in search of Wood Ducks today. It is finally sunny!!!!!!!!! and not raining. Take care. See you soon.

Thank you to the 367 Collins Street Falcon Cam and FB page where I took my screen shots.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann for all you do for us!
    The little chick being excuses is so cute and funny!😂
    Enjoy your afternoon with the walk and wood ducks. Looking forward to pictures later!
    Have a great afternoon!

    1. You are so welcome – it is what the birds do for us! I hope your day was good, too, Linda. Still chasing the Wood Ducks so to speak. Lots of children around watching them today. Will try again when it is not so busy. All the birds are doing grand. It is wonderful.

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