Update on WBSE 27 and 28

Ranger Judy Harrington posted the following on the Sea Eagles FB:

“Tuesday afternoon – such a lot has happened and we are having sightings from time to time. Sunday afternoon, Chris, Rohan and I, joined by Neil, found SE27 on the ground, just outside the forest area. Swooping by other birds as we have seen all the time. This morning, one juvenile was seen in the saltmarsh area and wetland called Main Lagoon – photo to come. This was possibly SE28, hopefully to be confirmed. This area is quite close to the river and not far from the favourite roost spot for our adults., RR. Also one was seen in the forest area and just outside the fence, by Dave, one of the Landscape contractors. This was probably SE27 as well and was quite close to the area where we saw it the other day. Dave reported it flew off strongly.Hopefully the juveniles have been sighted and heard by the parents and maybe food has been brought.So we are not sure yet if we have confirmed sightings of both birds or if they have been fed. This is probably quite normal for newly fledged birds that have strayed from home, their nest area. The protected areas are extensive and we hope the juveniles will be well protected there until they gain strength and experience. We may even see them down on the river with the parents.15:45 – one adult just brought prey to the nest – and left straight away. We shall post news when we have it and keep everyone updated. So please read the posts .Thanks to all watching and listening from the ground.”

Included were some images including this one of the Salt Marsh area.

The sightings are hopeful. I know that many of you watch the nest but do not go to FB so I hope this is of some help. It is a constant worry when birds fledge and cannot return to the nest to be fed til they get their flying skills in order. Oh, those Pied Currawongs! There were no sightings of WBSE 25 last year so people seeing and hearing and reporting on 27 and 28 is fantastic.

Thank you to the Sea Eagles FB Page and Ranger Judy for their message on FB and the image of the salt marsh area.

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  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann Steggles for this update on the sea eagles. Keeping positive and praying for them that all will go good for them. They are really beautiful eagles!

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