WBSE 27 found on the road being attacked by Currawong

WBSE 27 who flew off the nest in the Ironbark Tree in Sydney’s Olympic forest was found lying on the road being attacked by Currawong yesterday. This was the posting on FB:

Ranger Judy provided an update:

The sea seaglet was so fortunate that someone experienced came along and offered immediate assistance. In the picture above it looks like WBSE 27 is awake. However, if you look at the top image carefully you will immediately see that at least one talon is injured as well. We saw these injuries with WBSE 26. Those can get infected quickly. It is really good that 27 is in the care. It can eat, get fluids, and heal.

The challenges that the fledglings have are enormous. These are made more difficult, if not life-threatening, when the Pied Currawong rush them out of the forest not allowing them to return to the nest for food from the parents. They are denied the opportunity to get their hunting skills established and imprint the map of their area.

I was not planning to write anything this morning but I knew many of you watch the nest but, maybe are not on FB. I will keep you posted this evening on any developments. Please send all your warm wishes to WBSE 27 as it recovers.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Oh. Are Ann I am so sorry to hear this about the sea eaglet 27. This ve4y beautiful juvenile is in my thoughts and prayers to heal quickly! From the photos the currowong must have really scared him/her but not severely injured. Love and prayers for him/her and warm wishes. I will look forward to any updates. Thank you, Linda

    1. I am so glad 27 is in care but it is so sad. Lady flew around with a fish for it – everywhere and then finally flew into the forest and left the fish on the nest. She slept there last night. I so wish they would move that nest to one over by the river where the Currawong would be less of a nuisance/threat/obstacle.

  2. salliane says:

    So sad to read the news but the angels were with 27 as an experienced individual rescued him.

    Prayers for a speedy recovery is being sent today.

    1. WBSE was so fortunate, Salliane. He will get fed and be strong and might be like one of the other ones – 24? – with the partially torn wing – and survive. Lady flew around looking all over with a fish and then flew in and left it on the nest and slept overnight at the nest waiting for her baby.

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