Send your warm wishes to Diamond

Diamond, the female at the Charles Stuart University scrape box in Orange, Australia, was away from the scrape for ten hours a few days ago. When she returned her right wing was droopy and she was limping slightly. Xavier, the male, has been doing the hunting and feeding little Yarruga, their three week old plus 2 day chick, its meals. Xavier is getting more proficient with each feeding!

Diamond slept in the scrape box last night with little Yarruga. She was standing on ‘her’ rocks in the corner.

When she went to go to the ledge to fly out for a break, she could not put weight on her right foot and stumbled.

She fell down, got up and stumbled some more.

Just watching her trying to make it to the ledge to fly off made you realize how difficult it is for her to heal. It will be a long process. She doesn’t have the ability to put a lounge chair in a tree or in the scrape box and elevate that leg. Anyone who has sprained an ankle or hurt their foot can have great sympathy with this devoted Mum. Of course, Yarruga had no idea what was going on.

Xavier arrived at 07:03:06 with a very prepared fat pigeon for little Yarruga. He might have been expecting Diamond to be in the scrape and feed their baby. He hesitated.

All Yarruga wanted was breakfast and she began to make her way over to Dad.

At that point, Xavier realizes he is on feeding duty and dragged the carcass into the middle of the scrape, away from the ledge so the baby wouldn’t accidentally fall out.

Yarruga was delighted. Dad is getting very good at this!

Little Yarruga is so cute. She will go into the corner when she is full to the brim. Xavier always has to check to make sure she doesn’t want anymore!

Xavier makes his way over to the ledge. I am hoping that he shares that lovely breakfast with Diamond.

Send Diamond your warmest wishes.

Port Lincoln has confirmed that the trio will be banded Monday, 8 November – Australian time. The bander is arriving from Adelaide. I do not know the time.

Thanks for joining me. I knew that you would want to know how Diamond is doing. We all hope that she is well soon but, in reality, it will take some time. There is no need to panic. Xavier is doing a wonderful job. No worries for little Yarruga. Dad is definitely up to the job.

Take care everyone.

Thank you to Charles Sturt University Falcon Cam and Cilla Kinross and the Port Lincoln Osprey Project streaming cams where I took my screen captures.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Mary Ann thanks for the update on Diamond. She was standing in the photo this morning by the ledge. I don’t know when it was taken. I’m so sorry to hear that it has gotten worse. She must be in pain if it is broken. Prayers for Diamond to heal🙏 and Xavier to hunt &or her and little Yurruga. I don’t think she can carry the prey. I wish she could stay in the box a few days but I’m sure she won’t do that though. ❤️❤️💕
    Thanks for the update on the PLO’s banding date!
    Take care

    1. You are very welcome. Of course, I am not a vet! I just know that sometimes human injuries – nothing broken – but twisted ankles, etc are often more painful and problematic a couple of days after the injury. I certainly hope that is it. Maybe it is also stiff in the morning??? It is difficult not to place human thoughts on the birds. I just want her to get well and I wish there was someway to rest that leg. But, yes, she flew in later and stood at the ledge. Xavier has been doing a top job of feeding Yarruga. Really proud of him. I do hope Diamond got some of that pigeon!

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