WBSE 27 update

The last update that we had on White-Belled Sea Eagle fledgling 27 was on 5 November. That was a week ago and despite the fact that it was not that many days, it was easy to get restless waiting for some news. I am delighted to bring you some really good news.

Here is the posting:

“An update on the progress of SE27 in care “The Sea Eagle is doing very well under veterinary care and will soon be released back into the wild in Newington Nature Reserve. It has been identified as a male. He is eating well and strengthening his wings in a flight aviary. “

Oh, we just needed some good news. This is fantastic. Others were out and about today and there is still no sighting of WBSE 28.

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  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Oh this is great news for SE27 Mary Ann! Thank you! Praying for it to be released soon and also for SE28 to be flying high and fishing good. They are both such beautiful eagles I have ever seen!
    Have a good day and thanks again so much for the update!

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