Ervie flies!!!!!!

Here is a video clip of that fabulous moment. Ervie is 60 days old and the event happened at 13:17:38 on 14 November.

Many of you might already know this. I ‘thought’ I had hit send on this notice but, obviously, I did not. So enjoy.

It is always a bittersweet moment. We want them to stay a little longer as i did yesterday morning with Ervie and they need to meet their destiny. Ervie will be practising on and off the nest. His brothers are hoping that he gets better with his landing. I am certain they are suggesting trying the perch.

Thank you Port Lincoln Osprey Project for your streaming cam where I took this video clip —— and thank you for joining me on this day of celebration.

Congratulations Ervie and Port Lincoln!

1 Comment

  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Oh oh oh. How wonderful Mary Ann!
    Congratulations to Ervie!❤️
    Thank you Mary Ann for the video!

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