Grinnell’s back! (updated)

The Cal Falcon Team took this photo of Grinnell on the corner of The Campanile. He is back at the centre of his territory. They say it will take several days (or could) for things to settle. Still, Grinnell welcome home!

Update: Images of Grinnell being released are on the Instagram feed at the bottom of this posting. Here is Grinnell flying:

There has been no confrontation yet with the other male but it appears Grinnell wants his territory back! Send all your positive wishes! And check out the Instagram Feed for all the latest updates on our little hero.

Here is the link to Annie and Grinnell’s web site:

Here is the link to the Instagram Feed:

Thanks for checking in. Send Grinnell all your love, prayers, and warm wishes as he regains his strength and his mate, Annie.

Thank you to the Instagram Feed for Annie and Grinnell. That is where I took my screen capture!

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