Annie and Grinnell

I included a brief note about Annie and Grinnell in my news about Diamond and Xavier. The news is very good so I think it warrants a quick posting.

According to Cal Falcons, Annie has been seen for the first time on The Campanile this morning since Grinnell was released. These are some screen shots of her on the ledge that I took.

In a message from Cal falcons, they have stated that the new male interloper who injured Grinnell has not been seen since Wednesday. This contradicts a posting that said Annie had been soaring with the interloper. I am going to assume that was earlier. Remember Grinnell was released on Wednesday and he flew straight to The Campanile from Lawrence Hall.

For the past few days Grinnell has been perched on and off The Campanile. I believe that Annie is looking for Grinnell.

You can watch Annie and Grinnell on three cameras. Here are the links:

Join me in sending positive wishes that Annie and Grinnell will be united soon!

Thank you to Cal Falcons for their streaming cam where I took my screen shots of Annie.

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