The Daisy Chronicles, Day 6 continued

The Pacific Black Duck Daisy laid egg 6 at 06:42:50.

Since then she has been very alert. She has rolled her eggs often and pulled down off her breast adding it to the egg cup. It is nearing noon and so far there have been no predators. The cam operator checked the WBSE River Roost and saw no sea eagles there. And, so far, I have only heard the cawing of the Ravens around 08:11. They have not come to the old Ironbark Tree – yet – today. They did not show up yesterday either!

Here are some images from the morning with Daisy.

I will bring updates on the afternoon and evening happenings tomorrow. Daisy may stay until nearly 15:30 like she did yesterday. Today is the first day that she has removed significant down from her breast. Poor thing she has pulled in leaves and twigs as she finds them. I see some behind her. She will need to bring those over, too. Those are huge eggs. She is extremely alert, listening to every sound in the forest – it could save her life and her eggs.

I am hearing the Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos in the distance but no Ravens. Maybe Daisy will have another quiet day. We can only hope and take it one day at a time.

Thank you for joining me. Take care everyone!

Thank you to Sea Eagles @Birdlife Australia Discovery Centre for their streaming cam where I took my screen captures.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Mary Ann thanks so much for all the wonderful photos of Daisy! The updates on her is always so welcoming. Thanks for updating us on this pretty duck and her eggs. I will be looking forward to the next update on Daisy!
    Have a great evening!

    1. You are so very welcome, Linda. Daisy accompanies me wherever I go these days. Tomorrow she gets to go to the stylist! There is lots of loud thunder and lighting plus rain on the nest currently. Daisy is still there and it is past 17:00. We take it a day at a time. So far no ravens or WBSE today – just this big storm. Oh, and I heard that there are potentially duck boxes somewhere at the river so why didn’t Daisy use one?

  2. Mary Ann, thank you for your continued updates on Daisy! I get too nervous watching the nest… she’s such a beautiful, sweet duck, and I can’t stand the thought of things not going right. Will continue to look forward to your reports. Very grateful for all you do to raise the consciousness of viewers of all the nests!

    1. You are very welcome, Betty. I am sitting here eating white chocolate chips because of my anxiety over Daisy and her eggs! She came so close last year. I was told by someone – but to be confirmed – that there were duck boxes somewhere around the river. It is then interesting that she did not use one of them. There is a huge storm with rain, lots of loud thunder and some lightning presently. Daisy remains on the nest. I don’t think she has enough material to keep them dry. We take it a day at a time. She is certainly a brave and determined duck. So far no ravens or WBSE today!

  3. Salliane says:

    fortunately her feathers aid in camouflaging her in the nest.

    1. Yes, you are right. She is quite hidden there. Last year she played tag with Dad the WBSE but she had lots more leaves and down. Fingers crossed.

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