Tuesday in Bird World

Daisy arrived at her eggs in the Sydney Olympic Forest at 04:47:25. She is a little earlier than yesterday. There will be a full report on Daisy later today. She is alert and perhaps slightly nervous with what happened yesterday with the Ravens.

Ventana Wildlife Society have posted the release video of Iniko. Here it is:

The Port Lincoln Lads continue to fly around the cove and their parents continue to provide them with lots of fish to keep them in fit shape. Deliveries after noon include: 12:32 for Ervie, 14:45 for Bazza (a huge fish), 16:29 for Falky, and Ervie picks up the 16:34 delivery.

Ervie is on the left and Falky is on the right eating their fish. Look at how good those feathers are. These three are just doing fantastic!

I have to admit that I really miss the little Ospreys. Jack and Diane have been working on their nest at Achieva and the Osprey couple at Captiva were trying to mate yesterday.

My friend ‘S’ has sent me a great video showing Osprey fishing. It gives you some good insight into how physically fit these birds have to be to fish. Think about it. The male fishes all day long when there are eggs and chicks on the nest. Incredible.

Ken Phung is from Taiwan.

In Bald Eagle world, everyone is waiting for Anna at the KNF Bald Eagle Nest in Central Louisiana and Connie at the Captiva nest in Florida to lay their second egg today. Indeed, all of the Bald Eagle nests are busy – one way or the other. Gabby escorted the sub-adult female off her nest yesterday.

This is a short report. Daisy seems to have taken over my life – and I am happy but the other nests sure don’t get much attention. In our garden are 27 European Starlings and several hundred sparrows. It is cold today, -16 C. Feeders are full and everyone is depleting them!

Take care everyone. Full report on Daisy later today but for now the eggs were safe over night. Rain and storms predicted again which might help our little Duck. See you soon!

Thanks to the following for their streaming cams where I took my screen shots: Port Lincoln Osprey Project. A big shout out to ‘S’ for the Osprey video. That is fantastic.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann! We will be looking forward to the updates on Daisy. ❤️
    So happy to see and hear about the PLO’s lads. ❤️❤️❤️
    Bald eagles are really at it all over getting their nests ready and some have eggs. This is wonderful news. Is it Jack and Diane at Achievia nest confirmed ? I hope so as I’m ready to watch the ospreys. ❤️❤️
    Have a good afternoon and we look forward to the next newsletter !

    1. Oh, you are so welcome! It is hard to believe. The PLO really pulled it off in grand style this year. It has to be the closeness of the hatching times – only 51 hours from 1 to 3 and the fact that they are thought to be all males that made that nest calm and civil. I would love to see that same thing happen at all the nests! One of the birds at Achieva does not look like Jack and Diane but I have yet to get a good enough comparison to say one way or the other. Like with Daisy, we wait. She laid egg 6 a few minutes ago. Fingers crossed. Take care, Linda, and thank you for caring so much for the birds!

  2. Salliane says:

    A day in the life of a sweet mum duck

    I really feel for Daisy to be on high alert and defend the nest alone. She will need a good vacation after this season is done. Maybe an airline ticket to Hawaii 🙂

    1. Precisely! I wish I could understand avian evolution. For example, why are the raptor males part of all the raising of the kids? why did male ducks get off so easy? You would think they would at least share incubation and security duties!!!!!! Grrrrrrr. She will need a holiday. I reckon that Daisy is two years old now and the life span of the Black Pacific Duck is not much more than that. I hope she makes it and gets to paddle down at the river lots.

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