The Daisy Chronicles Day 21 – Tragedy Strikes our Daisy’s Nest while she is away

I wrote it clear so that if you did not want to you could stop reading. I am beyond sad.

Daisy left the nest at 06:10:20. The raindrops had been hitting her head and she would toss it about. Sunrise was half an hour earlier.

Daisy was very conscientious in covering her eggs. You could not see one of them and she had kept the down nice and dry by spreading her body over it.

Then the Ravens arrived. There were three of them. I am actually glad Daisy was not on the nest. They might have attacked her. They tore off the down consuming and breaking all of those precious eggs of hers.

I am so desperately sorry to bring you this very sad news today. Keep our little Daisy in your heart and send her your lofe. This is her second attempt to hatch eggs on this nest. I hope that she finds a safer place for her next clutch this year. I can find no evidence that she is aware of what happened to her eggs. Last season she was ‘stunned’ when she returned and she went on and off the nest in her grief for awhile.

Please take care.

Thank you to the Sea Eagles@Birdlife Australia Discovery Centre Sydney Olympic Park.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Oh no! Mary Ann I am
    Not home but saw this and I am beyond sad.šŸ˜­ Please update us on her reaction
    Thanks for all you do. Mary Ann.

    1. Hi Linda. I think we are all collectively heartbroken. Things were going so well. I took video clips and tonnes of images. I plan to write something about Daisy and what happened and her reaction. Tomorrow. Today I am just full of tears. Take care – .

  2. Oh, Mary Ann, I’m so sorry to hear this tragic news. Heartbreaking. It’s what we were all afraid would happen. Know doubt Daisy will be grieving…. I wish there was some way we could comfort her. And each other. I know this is part of nature’s way, but sometimes it seems so cruel that these tragedies happen too often. It’s often hard to be philosophical…. Thanks for letting us know.

    1. Heartbroken collectively. All of us. For some reason, this clutch seems much more cruel than the last one. All of the eggs were viable and we were close. Still, it could have been worse. I am glad Daisy is safe. I hope she is paddling down on the river being carefree. It was certainly stressful for her.

  3. CeeBee says:

    So sad. I have enjoyed watching her and reading your lyrical chronicles.

    1. So heartbreaking for everyone. Daisy did so well. She is adorable and she melted our hearts. I hope – beyond hope – that she gets to hatch some eggs somewhere safe. She certainly deserves it. Thank you. I am glad to hear you enjoyed the stories of Daisy. Thank you for caring.

  4. Akane says:

    Thank you for the information.
    I have been watching quietly, afraid that this day would come.
    Very sad. But I am glad that Daisy was not attacked by the crows.
    I will miss her, but I hope she will build her nest in the right place.

    1. Dear Akane, It is lovely to hear from you. I wish the circumstances were different and we were celebrating some ducklings. But, Daisy was so frightened. And I worried so much about her being hurt if there was a large group of Ravens come. She was just so distraught and bewildered when she came back with her mate. —- I have to say that I growled at him a couple of times because I wish their instinctual behaviour would mean he would come and relieve her when she went foraging. But that is not to be. A good source has told me that since Daisy is a wild duck and her eggs were broken the male could try to mate with her again in 10 days. When she arrived at the Sea Eagles nest I thought she might have had a nest elsewhere and lost 3-4 eggs. It was because she just flew on the nest and laid an egg. No prep, nothing. So maybe she thought it would be safer. I wish that the duck boxes that are supposed to be there would appeal to her. There could be success. We wait and hope. I hope that you are well and looking forward to New Year’s celebrations, Akane. Wishing you the best.

      1. Akane says:

        Thank you very much for the details. I think you are right. The crows were at the nest again today.Poor Daisy. I pray that she will be able to hatch safely next time.
        Warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday season and much happiness in the coming New Year.

      2. Akane, they seemed to frighten Daisy so much this season. I do not think they would leave her alone and without help from her mate it is just impossible. I think that about the sea eagles, too. They grow big and healthy and the parents are so wonderful and the Currawongs chase them out of the forest and well, only a few in more than a decade have survived. I love trees and their spirits but I do wonder about other nesting sites for them, too. I am reminded this time of year that my friends in Yokohama used to enjoy the extended New Year celebration. One year I had some green tea with little flakes of gold in it and the cooking and preparation at taken days and then just relaxation. One time they went swimming in the cold water. Oh, that was long ago but such beautiful memories of kind friends. Wishing you a wonderful new year.

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