Welcome E19 – updated

We have lift off at Southwest Florida. E19 was welcomed into the world at 12:43:04. It is Day 37. Harriet was on the nest tree and M15 was doing some soft chirping to tell her the good news.

M15 was on the nest during the entire hatch. Harriet will see her eaglet for the first time at 14:46.

A very proud Dad!

Oh, just look. The sun will dry the grey down soon.

Now we wait for E20!

At one time there were nearly 6500 persons watching and waiting for a glimpse of the little one.

Harriet is so beautiful and E19 is sooooooo tiny.

So cute.

E19 held its head up for a moment. You can clearly see the egg tooth that helped E19 out of its shell.

So happy this little eaglet has hatched and is fine! That is all that matters.

Congratulations to Harriet, M15, the Pritchett Family and all the lovers of Southwest Florida Eagles!

Thank you to SWFlorida Bald Eagle cam and the Pritchett family where I took my screen captures.


  1. So very happy!! I’ve been watching with you – thanks for these screen shots, Mary Ann!

  2. Linda Kontol says:

    The little
    One is so adorable! Thanks Mary Ann!
    The photos of this little eaglet is so wonderful!
    Thanks again, Linda

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