E20 is a pistol

Social media is filled with pictures of Harriet and M15’s two little eaglets. Those eaglets are adorable.

The meaning of the word ‘pistol’ describing someone is a compliment. It means that they are full of surprises. And, so it was today, that E20 showed him or herself to be a ‘pistol’ when it provoked the first round of beaking on the nest at the 07:04 feeding, its first! It happened again at 09:04 and Lady Hawk caught it in a video for us.

Those eaglets are sure cute even when they have fish juice running all over them.

No problem opening wide. The eaglets are eating some nice fresh fish flakes today and loving it.

Look at the size of that bite. I think that is E19 up at Harriet’s beak.

Harriet always makes sure that each of the babies are fed. She is a very experienced and excellent Bald Eagle Mum. She also knows when to put her foot down on the nonsense – she just casually goes over and gets on top of both of them. Sometimes they will miss a meal if she decides they need too. Often M15 will step in and they will tandem feed the youngsters. That is the best!

Wonderful dad, M15 on guard.

Another example of fishing line! This hawk was really lucky. Around a river or lake and you see fishing line – help clean it up! We owe it to them. — In order to help we need to be ready. It helps to have a very sharp pair of scissors, a box, some garbage bags, and gloves in the trunk. Of course, you can add to that. A fishing net is great along with old towels to help the birds not get so stressed.

I am so proud of the three juveniles at the Port Lincoln Osprey Barge. I just went to check on them and Falky tries fishing. I recorded it for you. He will dive from the right ropes into the water and he will do several flybys before landing pack on the ropes. Oh, they are sure trying.

I want to close with a beautiful video of Xavier and Diamond bonding in the scrape box. Nothing more precious than seeing a pair of raptors confirming their togetherness. It was a hard season for them with the loss of Yurruga and the other two eggs not being viable. We wish them the best for next year.

It seems like today is a day of videos instead of images. I hope that you enjoyed them.

Take care everyone. Thank you so much for joining me today. Enjoy little E19 and 20. We will be at the clown feet stage before we know it.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams where I took my screen and video captures: SWFlorida Eagle Cam and D Pritchett and the Port Lincoln Osprey Project.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Oh Mary Ann they are Adorables! I’m so glad both are eating. The parents are the best of the best I’ve seen. M15, Mr P, Pa Decorah (when he was there), Freedom, and of course Romeo.
    All very wonderful Dads. I pray for M15 that he dont get hit by the owl again tonight. 🙏
    Thanks for these cute photos of the little ones. 💕💕
    The three PLO’s are just fabulous young ospreys. I have began to love all three. They all have a way one can’t help but love them. ❤️❤️❤️
    I’m so happy for Diamond and Xavier’s togetherness! It was so tragic about Yurruga. 😢🙏
    Was he ever found or just assumed he got killed in the bad storm? I never knew for sure.
    Thanks so much and take care Mary Ann. We will be looking forward to the next newsletter tomorrow. Have a good night

    1. As far as I know, they have never found little Yurruga. I haven’t heard a word from any of my sources in Orange. It was a terrible week of weather when Yurruga fledged. I hate those piercing rain storms and all the wind. Cilla Kinross believes that he died during the storm. I am so glad that you love all of those little boys at the PLO. They are real characters. I keep thinking none of them will ever leave home!!! Looking forward to tomorrow with 19 and 20. Doubt if there will be any boring moments! And, yes, the GHOW are large owls and can do so much damage. Now they are at Savannah. I know the Ospreys don’t need the nest now but I wish they would do away!

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