Late Thursday in Bird World – horrific storm hits Bald Eagle nest at Berry College

It could be early Friday, Old Eve Night, if you are in Australia.

Our beloved birds never cease to amaze me. For so long I have worried about Bazza, the oldest juvenile on the Port Lincoln barge. Bazza just never seemed to have that drive that he needs to take and protect his fish in the wild that he needs to survive. Well, this morning Bazza surprised everyone. And I do mean everyone – including Dad, Falky, and Ervie. I wonder if Mum was watching?

Ervie and Falky are waiting for the first fish delivery of the day on the nest. As Dad flies in with it, Bazza appears out of no where flying in behind and stealing the fish. His older brothers surely wondered what happened! It took less than 30 seconds. Have a look:

As much of a kerfuffle as that was, we don’t need to worry about Bazza anymore. What is that old folktale about the tortoise and the hare? That surely is what is happening here on this nest.

Last night there was a horrific storm at the Bald Eagle nest at Berry College. It was all caught on camera. There is no editing (so you see the entire 30 minutes) but I guarantee that you have probably never seen an eagle nest twisted around live like this one. Missey is incubating 2 eggs when the rain begins. The rain changes to hail and the worst of the wind and hail begins around 10:27. Cameras have gone out. I did see Missey’s wing raised once. All cameras are off today and with it being a holiday we might not find out the fate of Missey and her eggs for awhile. If you hear anything, please let me know. Send this nest your most positive energy.

There is no news coming out of Cal Falcons about the love triangle with Grinnell, Annie, and the interloper. Looks like we will have to wait a little while longer for that to sort itself out. There is, however, fantastic news of one of Annie and Grinnell’s fledglings, Sequoia. Every sighting of a fledgling is a reason to celebrate. They survived!!!!!!!!! They are not part of the 60%. Well done, Sequoia.

There are the two little stinkers melting everyone’s hearts! Looks like we are waiting for a prey delivery at SWFlorida.

E19 and 20 are definitely the cutest with those little wings and fat pink legs and talons. They will keep Harriet and M15 very busy! And thank goodness. They are healthy and strong.


That is just a short catch up on some of the nests. There is some really good news and – well, what can I say? That tree at Berry College is strong and seeing that wing flap from Missey gives me hope that all is well. Fingers crossed.

Take care everyone. Thank you so much for joining me. See you soon.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams where I took my screen shots and video clips: Port Lincoln Osprey Project and SW Florida Bald Eagle Nest and the D Pritchett Family. Thanks also to Cal Falcons for the information and images of Sequoia on their FB Page.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann for these photos and updates on all of them! Way to go Bazza! Now all,theee will have food!
    Hope all,is well with the Berry eagles. I followed them when Ma Berry was there. I miss her so much!
    Have a good evening and take care!

    1. Bazza sure made an impression. You could see how mad Ervie was but good for Bazza. Ma Berry was seen at the end of January 2021 swimming in a lake near to the nest so she could still be around today. Missey has a large learning curve – she had horrible weather last year when that little one hatched. I really felt for her. Fingers crossed that this year is better.

    2. Me, too. So glad they got those cams up. I couldn’t believe it but thought I would check one more time – and there it was working. I can’t believe that tree made it through that storm!

  2. Mary Ann, I enjoyed all the photos as usual, and again glad for the happy ending for the Berry nest (which I hadn’t heard of before).
    Also the sighting of the 2020 “alumni” Sequoia. Another one I’m not familiar with, but it made me smile anyway! Hope we’ll have many more happy stories in 2022!

    1. It is my pleasure! The Berry nest used to be extremely popular with Ma and Pa Berry. I must review its history but I believe the last fledge was 2018. Tragedy struct with hatch during bad winter storm last year. But I am thrilled all is well after the storm. The Peregrine Falcons on top of The Campanile, Grinnell and Annie, have fledged some amazing eyases. Now an intruder hurt Grinnell. He had care and we will see who is paired with Annie this spring. I will keep you posted. It is a great nest to watch.

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