Brotherly Love?

There is never a dull moment at the Port Lincoln Osprey.

Falky had nest reservations along with his breakfish from Dad which arrived some time around 06:55. Ervie tries to steal that first fish in the morning to “break the fast” but Falky is not having it. Part of the reservation agreement appears to come with breakfish. After a few minutes, Falky decides it is safer eating his fish over on the corner ropes.

Meanwhile, Ervie is on the nest and Bazza is on the perch and well, let us just say that Bazza is in a bad mood. In fact, it is interesting that neither Falky or Ervie have any particular love for Bazza. They both continually kick him off the nest – and unfed at least on camera. Bazza decides to mix it up a bit with Ervie around 06:54. Bazza wants on the nest – indeed, it was almost his sole domain for a long time.

Bazza flies off the porch to knock Ervie off the nest.

They fly off battling. Ervie is coming back around.

They engage again!

They go around the nest. Look at Falky just taking it all in. He is glad he is eating a fish!

Ervie is intent on getting Bazza as far away as he can.

Those are just a few of the screen captures. The pair will fly around the nest and will be battling still. It is best to see it in video:

As nestlings, these three were amazing. They lined up like members of a choir for Mum, Ervie at the beak, and ate without conflict. There was hardly anything that prompted concern. Bazza, the first hatch, tried to push Ervie around a few times but, Ervie simply wouldn’t stand for it and ignored any untoward advances by Bazza. And then, Bazza stopped. They all ate well and even seemed to cooperate with their wingersizing on the nest. Now that they are independent juvenile males instead of nestlings, wanting to have a fish delivery instead of fishing (that is hard work and requires upmost physical condition), the competition is huge. I am so glad that it is now and not when they were little. They have to learn how to live in the real world away from the parents and keeping their territory and their food is all part of that. Needless to say, Bazza was run off today by Ervie. Yesterday, Falky chased him away.

Ervie is on the nest.

Does Ervie have reservations for today? We wait.

I don’t think either Falky or Ervie told Bazza about the new on line reservation system as he has been locked out for a few rotations. Don’t you love them?

Thanks for joining me. These lads are serious but, they are also fun. They are growing up. Take care everyone!

Thank you to Port Lincoln Osprey for their streaming cam where I took these screen shots and video clips.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Mary Ann they are hilarious! Fun to watch them grow up ! Thanks so much for the pics and info on these characters! Love them all three!
    Have a great night and sleep well!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. There is never a dull moment. I can still see Ervie hanging by one talon yesterday and then today. My gosh. Is it OK to say boys!!!

    2. You are so welcome. It is my pleasure. Thank you- sleep well, too. Our -32 weather is warming up and we have ‘more’ snow.

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