So you asked about Ervie…

Ervie. It is quite easy to tell, from the time the three boys hatched, that Ervie the third born, was my favourite. I will not deny it. I look for third hatches that become the dominant bird on the nest and Ervie is certainly that.

So a question came in – did Ervie’s reservation on the nest yesterday include a later fish and a breakfish?

Last night, Ervie got a huge fish delivered to the nest. It was one of the largest I have seen there. The time was about 20:09. Ervie has been eating for about 20 minutes. If you look very carefully – sorry the sun is setting and it is difficult to see – you will see how big that fish is. Falky and Bazza on the ropes as Ervie munches his way into full Osprey heaven.

And, yes, Ervie did get the breakfish this morning. Mum delivered it around 07:08.

In the image below Ervie is on the nest and Falky is his usual spot on the corner ropes fish calling. They can see Mum flying in with the fish.

It is a kerfuffle. Everyone wants that fish.

Mum gets out of there. All three are after the fish. Bazza is hovering over Ervie and Falky.

They scramble.

Ervie, facing towards us, has the fish!

As you can see everyone wanted that fish. Falky flew in from the ropes and Bazza flew in from being off camera. If you ever wonder where Bazza is, he is usually on the barge somewhere just not on camera.

Dad delivered a fish that Falky got at 07:23:25. Falky is down in Dad’s man cave working on that fish.

Falky decides to take it to the ropes.

So Ervie and Falky have eaten. I wonder if Bazza is being fed elsewhere??? is he also fishing? Mum used to favour him and there is no reason to believe that they only deliver to the nest.

So, yes, Ervie got his full reservations worth. Now if the rota is working correctly, Falky will be on the nest tonight. We wait.

Thank you for joining me and thank you for sending me your questions and comments. Take care everyone!

Thank you to the Port Lincoln Osprey Project for their streaming cam where I took my screen captures.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann for all these updates/pics of our PLO’s! I have always favored Ervie also. I seem to feel that way on many of the third hatches. ❤️❤️❤️
    They are the awesome 3 ospreyteers!

    1. Linda, you are so very welcome. Those little 3s just melt our hearts, don’t they? If they survive they are awesome birds! I would have liked to have had the chance to see R3 but it wasn’t to be. Enjoy your day!

      1. Linda Kontol says:

        Oh me too Mary Ann! Bless the little ones heart but if it was something wrong with him/her better that it didn’t have to suffer but passed very soon. Yes the 3 do melt our hearts. I love them so much and I’ll miss them when they leave but I know that they will leave knowing how to fish from great parents. Thanks Mary Ann for all the updates.
        Have a great evening !

      2. Yes, you are absolutely right. Sometimes things happen and we don’t know the reason but it is for the best. The other two are very strong as are the boys from Port Lincoln. I don’t blame their parents going over to the Old Barge. Those three are still crying for food! And I even noticed that Bazza’s crop is full so they have all had a fish this morning. I am certain Mum is wanting to evict them so she can get her strength back! But they are darlings. Thank you. I hope to.

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