Oh, Falky!

Anyone watching the Port Lincoln Osprey Barge has felt that all three of the lads have been out fishing elsewhere. To date, as far as I know, none of the brothers – Bazza, Falky, or Ervie – have caught their own fish on camera.

Bazza has not been seen on camera today. Ervie picked up the 06:28 fish and the 10:41 fish. Falky flew over and tried to take that one from Ervie but he failed.

Falky takes off from the ropes when Dad delivers the fish to Ervie on the nest.

You can see Falky on the upper left above the nest.

Dad had better get out of the way. Falky is hungry!

Ervie secures the fish by moving it over to the rim of the nest in his beak.

At 11:30:00 Falky is watching the water closely. Have a look at what happens!

Oh, Falky was hungry and he was really enjoying that fish he caught.

I have never seen a juvenile fledgling catch their fish, not this young. This is a rare glimpse into their lives as they adjust to becoming independent. Each of them might have caught a fish off camera but this was quite incredible today.

I am hoping that Falky and Ervie will set up a fishing competition! At this very moment, Falky is on the perch looking for another fish.

That was just marvellous. Earlier in the morning a dolphin jumped close to the barge.

Another fish was delivered at 14:15:46. Here comes Dad with it to the nest. Falky sees it. Ervie wants it.

Here comes Falky!

Too late. Ervie gets it!

It has simply been a super morning on the Port Lincoln Osprey barge in Australia. There is more news in Bird World but it can all wait til tomorrow. This is to be relished. It is rare to see a juvenile catch a fish. Enjoy it – and it alone.

Thank you for joining me. Take care. Stay safe. See you soon.

Thank you to Port Lincoln Osprey Project for their streaming cam where I took my screen shots and my video clips.


  1. Oh, how exciting to see him catch his own fish!!! Thanks so much for the video, Mary Ann. Love knowing they can do it!! They will do well, methinks.

    1. Falky did great, didn’t he? He has certainly tried off the barge before but came up empty handed. I hope we see him dive some more with success. It is certainly reassuring!

  2. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann for this update of Falky catching his own fish. I’m so happy to see this! Hopefully Ervie and Bazza will learn to catch their own too. Maybe Mom is teaching Bazza or she is feeding him. Three is a lot for dad to handle. Good luck boys !
    Thanks again Mary Ann!

    1. These Port Lincoln lads are so interesting. Port Lincoln believes they have all been fishing but, we have not seen it. It is amazing to see them fishing off the barge! Have you ever seen a fledgling catch a fish from the nest area? I cannot remember one. They are doing well. Bazza had a big crop the other day and he would be around if he wasn’t eating. I do think he follows Mum. She seems partial to him. Fingers crossed! Thank you so much for your note, Linda.

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