Hatching at KNF

That is what the hatch state looked like earlier this morning as announced by the Forest Rangers. Both parents were on deck a few minutes later and Louis was hoping that Anna would give him some time. She did!

This is what the state of hatch, the egg, looks like a little over an hour ago at 09:53:46. You can see that the shell is really crumpled. There appears to be that thin egg membrane that the chick needs to tear to get through. It is soft and pliable so I think tear is the correct term.

There was a switch and now Anna is on the nest. We could see the egg clearly. Hatch is progressing well.

Soon to be proud Dad, Louis, still on the nest.

You can join all the fun here:

There is maybe a little fuzzball under there! Go check.

This is a very brief account of the morning. No pip at Captiva, Missey is very restless at Berry College, and no pip so far with Gabby and Samson at NEFlorida. Cody and Steve at the KNF nest are awesome. Go get their viewing numbers up past 300!

Take care. See you soon.

Thanks to the KNF Streaming Cam and their FB page where I took my screen shots.


  1. Thanks so much for the KNF link, Mary Ann. I’ll be watching and hoping all goes well!

    1. That hatch is coming. Oh, it seems so slow sometimes, doesn’t it? You are always welcome.

  2. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann for these photos and I saw the latest newsletter before I had a chance to read this one.
    It’s awesome to watch the hatching!

    1. Oh, we are waiting! Hatching seems to be a low process. Glad you are enjoying watching it. Don’t you love the little cheeps!

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