Where is Annie?

If you think of Cal Falcons, you immediately say Annie and Grinnell. On October 29, Grinnell was injured in a territorial battle and was taken into care. Everyone was so joyous when he returned to The Campanile after his release.

Today Cal Falcons has just announced that Annie, Grinnell’s long time mate and fabulous Mum, is missing, been ousted from the territory, or is dead.

This was just posted:

It was only three weeks ago that we saw this beautiful courtship display between Annie and Grinnell:

Everyone’s heart is broken. It is hard to imagine “Grinnell and Annie” without the Annie.

I sincerely hope that Annie is taking a break to recover out of the spotlight just like Bella did when she was injured in a territorial battle at the nest she shares with Smitty.

Please send all your warm wishes and positive energy to Annie so that she might return quickly to The Campanile and Grinnell.

Thank you to Cal Falcons for their FB page where I took my screen captures.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann for this update on Annie. I thought she and Grinell were together still. How disturbing again. I pray she is still ok and just out somewhere waiting for the others to leave. We all love Annie and want her to be able to come back just like Bella.
    Take care Mary Ann!

    1. You are so welcome, Linda. Cal Falcons just issued the statement 2 hours ago . I think they must have been waiting to see if she would return before saying anything. I hope she is healing and we will see her return and get rid of those other females hanging around Grinnell!

  2. This is such sad news, Mary Ann. I too hope she’ll turn up eventually, in time to reunite with Grinnell. It’s always hard though, the things that go wrong…. Thank you for letting us know.

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