What a fighter Little Bit was! (updated)

I added some comments about Middle trying to get saliva from River’s beak. River dug an old fish skeleton out of nest and I thought it was a new fish. It wasn’t. Neither Big or Middle had anything to eat tonight.

Mary Ann Steggles

18 March 2022

Over the past couple of days there was a lot of focus on the word ‘survival’. ‘Survival of the Fittest’ is most often the term used. On the Dale Hollow Bald Eagle nest belong to River and Obey, there were three eaglets struggling to survive. On the 15th of March, Big Bob’s instinct that something had shifted in the amount of prey delivery or feedings kicked in. Big Bob wanted to survive. Because of her size and weight, it is easy to intimidate the younger siblings. Some leave it at that. Others switch to some beaking but, that normally stops as the chicks get older. Others get in a killing frenzy like Big did. Middle Bob’s tactic to try and not get the wrath of Big Bob in order for it to survive was to get out of the way and literally keep its head and neck…

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