Grinnell Jr fledges!

18 June 2022

In the end, Lindsay and Grinnell Jr fledged on the same day! He immediately flew back to the tower. It was a great fledge.

I hope they return to the Campanile for some time to get prey from Annie and Alden but if they don’t wishing them safe flying, lots of prey, and a good territory to raise some more grandchicks for Annie, Alden, and Grinnell.

Congratulations to absolutely everyone at Cal Falcons but a super thank you to Sean and Lynn for providing us with those incredible Q & A sessions on YouTube — and all the videos.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    How wonderful! I’m so glad they both fledged and wishing them much safe and happy lives! They are beautiful just like their parents! Thanks Mary Ann for this update on Lindsay and Grinell Jr
    Hope we get to see them some more too!

    1. You are very welcome. Linda, thank you for all your lovely comments today. They are always appreciated. It has been a good day for so many of the birds. We needed one like this. Little Bit is quite amazing. He is quick and will do well out in the world. Ah, your birds are planting flowers for you, too. Isn’t it lovely. The Blue Jays apparently populated the countries with the oak trees! Have a lovely Sunday tomorrow.

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